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BBC Learning supports people in acquiring the skills essential to life and work in the 21st century. These include literacy, numeracy, communication and computer skills.


WebWise includes support on every aspect of using the web - from computer basics to creating a website. This long established site has recently been redesigned and expanded and now offers over 130 authored articles on subjects such as internet safety, finding a job online or social media, as well as a number of animated videos introducing key concepts and topics. Alongside this sits interactive video content from the BBC raw skills site, made more accessible to help users on shared connections in, for example, libraries or learning centres.

WebWise also underpins the BBC's digital literacy campaign, First Click, which targets in particular the over-55s.


The Skillswise site helps adults to build their confidence and develop their skills in reading, writing and maths. It also provides support for tutors and is widely used in colleges and other adult learning settings. Work is underway to redevelop and expand Skillswise and - like WebWise - it will be relaunched with a range of new features and video content from BBC raw.

From October 2010, WebWise will underpin the BBC's digital literacy campaign, First Click, which will be targeting in particular the over-55s.

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