BBC Learning Development


BBC Learning Development is a small team within the BBC's Learning department with the task of creating and developing new multi-platform projects with either a formal or an informal learning focus.

The team supports the activity of BBC Learning through the origination of pilots, prototypes, research, development and strategy that fits within the BBC's core purposes.


Subtext is a partnership project with Adobe and Aardman Animations to bring old school textbook margin scribbling into the the 21st century.

A production version has just launched on GCSE Bitesize under the name of Book Notes.


BBC Learning Development has embarked on an editorially innovative technical trial that uses GPS and in-car satnavs to deliver informal learning content to family audiences on the move.


'BBC To Go' is a technical trial from the BBC's Learning Development team, which explores how video and interactive media can be distributed to audiences on the move and on a cost free basis.

The project will run for two weeks on London's iconic 'Number 4' bus route, passing through some varied locations. The aim of the project is to develop a positive sense of community for the people who travel on, live and work along the Number 4 route from Archway to Waterloo. navigation


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