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Myleene's Blog - Grand Final

3rd September 2008

Myleene Klass

Get all the backstage gossip with Myleene's weekly blog:


In her final instalment, Myleene tells us about her favourite moments from the series, why this has been her dream job and who would be in her dream choir:



"Oh wow! I just can't believe it's all over!

"There have been so many memorable moments making this show - it's really hard to pick a favourite, but I had a real soft spot for the Filey Fishermen's Choir - they were so lovely.

Working with the judges

"It's also been great getting to know the judges and watching them in the show - they didn't just say things for effect - they explained why they made their decisions, and their comments and feedback were always constructive rather than controversial.

"It's so delightful to have a panel who know what they're talking about, know how to articulate themselves and can make it accessible for the audience.

"The main thing I'll take from this experience is realising how far people can push themselves when they really put their mind to it. It wasn't about the size of the choir or the age of the choir or how much experience they had, it came down to how much heart they had, how hard they worked and how they came together.

"I found out that being in a choir has helped so many people to overcome personal battles, and this competition has helped a lot of choirs to refocus, regroup and regain their belief in music.

Dream job

"This really has been a dream job, hosting a show about music... I love it!

"I've had so much fun being part of the 'gang', talking to the choirs and their supporters and listening to the music - I'm not sure I'd want to be one of the judges. They have to go off and 'deliberate' and really analyse all the performances, whereas I can sit back and enjoy them, without worrying about what decision to make!

"I will definitely follow the progress of the choirs. They can go wherever they want to from here. The show has given them so many opportunities, and not just for the winners. They've got gigs, record deals and now Only Men Aloud! will be meeting Prince Charles at the Royal Variety Performance which is seen all around the world!

Dream choir

"I think my dream choir would be: Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Maria Callas, Pavarotti, Judy Garland and Liza too! Maybe some members of A-Ha! Obviously Suzi, Russell and Sharon would be in it. Plus Kylie, Madonna and Freddie Mercury... with Mozart arranging. What a very versatile choir that would be!

So what's next for me? I've been so busy doing this show that I think right now, my next project is going to be... the Wrap Party!

Thanks to everyone who's watched the show and read my blog, it's been so much fun! Keep singing everybody!


Myleene x

"P.S - Don't forget to find out what Nick thought about the Grand Final in his weekly blog!"

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