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During the series, we asked you to post your comments about the show - many thanks for all the comments you made. The comments system is now closed, but you can still read all the responses below.

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J,H,E,M, Northern Ireland 2008-09-10

great show, great judges, we hope Only Men Aloud go on the road round the UK and produce a CD / DVD - Hope there is a new series next year.

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Anonymous, christchurch 2008-09-09

Loved the show, Saturday nights are not the same now.
Revelation were our absolute favourites from the very beginning and to see them grow in confidence and strength was amazing, have they recorded yet!?.

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Clara, London 2008-09-08

It is simply unbelievable the capacity of Human Beings to create beautiful things. Our nature is truly extraordinary, thank you for reminding us this particular fact!

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Anonymous 2008-09-08

When i listened to revelation,i felt like i was home resting and relaxing, when i listened to ysgol i felt like going out to the movies and when i listened to only men aloud, i felt like going to the theatre and watching a staged play. They all won in their own rights. Well done to all of you.

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Gordon Blake, Winsford 2008-09-08

One of the most entertaining shows I've ever heard. I looked forward to it every week and now it's finished somehow I feel deprived.
Myself I would have given my vote to Ysgol Glanaethwy. They thrilled me every week. I would love to hear them sing 'The Lord's Prayer' (Robertson version) as sung by The Mormon Tabernacle choir. They would have won the final with this, hands down.

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Kathy, Manchester 2008-09-07

I've thoroughly enjoyed "Last Choir Standing", the three finalists were all winners. The only criticism I have of the programme, and it is only a minor quibble, is the presenters repeating ad nauseam "no choir wants to leave tonight" and similar words to that effect. Perhaps if the format is repeated next year, less not more of the presenters catch phrases would be appreciated! Still, it has been a fantastic few weeks and much appreciated!

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jacques Hoogenbosch, Sellingen, Holland 2008-09-07

I am from Holland and I enjoyed this show very very much. I felt the emotions with the winners and the loosers and it brought me back to the time when I was in a choir my self. Thank you for all the music.

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Anne - Marie Thomas, Age Concern - Norwich 2008-09-07

just got back from seeing Bath Male Choir MD Grenville here in Norfolk doing a workshop on his Golden-Oldies Charity and talking about his Bath Male Choir and love of music and getting people to sing. This man moves you with his enthusiasm and humour.The BBC should get him to do a series, it would be wonderful what talent.

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Marj, Devon 2008-09-06

Although I enjoyed the series, I watched it with growing dismay as it became obvious that unless the choirs were prepared to dance as well as sing, they wouldn't stand a chance.
This country has a great amateur choral tradition, but in most cases the choirs stand still and simply concentrate on singing. To exclude this style of singing - and thus to exclude most of the great works of the choral repertoire - is to favour style over substance. The content was steadily dumbed down during the contest, with increasing emphasis on cheesy pop songs and slick routines.
There is so much more to choral music than this! If you do repeat the show next year, why not ask the choirs for a different type of music each week? We could have pop, oratorio,gospel, madrigals, opera choruses, songs from the shows, Bach chorales... That would be a much better way to challenge the choirs than putting them in different dresses each week and asking them to prance around while they sing.

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Anonymous 2008-09-06

Best programme on BBC for a long time. I enjoyed it so much. Will you produce a CD of the best songs? It was all brilliant

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