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7 February 2011
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We want to know what you think about Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. Comment on the show, give your support to the celebrity students and send us your views by clicking here.

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Ed. (23 March 2007 12:39PM)

Thanks very much for all your comments and feedback, but please don't send us any more as this service has now ended.

Esther, Holland (16 March 2007 04:06PM)

Ah! Tara & Tricia, you are through. You girls are dynamite! There's a Dutch girl on the couch cheering you both on tonight.

Georgina, Nottingham (16 March 2007 04:05PM)

Tricia is the best singer and I have been watching all week, so go Tricia win!!!!

Dooty (16 March 2007 04:05PM)

This was the best ever Fame Academy. I will be voting so much for Tara tonight to win because she is the most down to earth lady I have ever seen and listened to. I know perhaps that Tara’s voice isn’t the best (as yet) but for entertainment value throughout the whole Fame Academy she has to win. Good luck and thank you for a wonderful programme.

Sally (16 March 2007 04:04PM)

Tara, I have been fascinated by the journey you've been on over the last couple of weeks. You've come a real distance! These Boots Are Made For Walking! And you stamped your personality all over the competition with it! Looking forward to the final. Go Tara!

Dave and Gill, Holland (16 March 2007 04:04PM)

Tricia is by far the best, in the music world emotions are not enough, you have got to be able to sing and sadly Tara cannot.

Laura Murch (16 March 2007 04:03PM)

My vote goes to Tara. She means every word she sings - bring back real music. Most of you are right. Tara can't (technically) sing that well. But I'd much rather watch her than Tricia!

Ashleigh Todd (16 March 2007 04:01PM)

I love your Academy - you rule. I vote for Tricia, she has the voice of an angel I hope you get this on time.

Sarah Fairbarn (16 March 2007 03:47PM)

As the judges and tutors said on BBC3 last night - we have the best of both worlds in the final - an excellent singer in Tricia and a fantastic performer in Tara (who would have ever thought it!?) Good luck to both of them. After voting since Day 1, I'm finally just voting purely for giving money to Comic Relief instead of saving my favourite as they've both made it. Each student will get a vote!

Kay Knight (16 March 2007 03:47PM)

Tara is superb, her honesty shines. Best TV performance of the year. Well done Tara! It’s as well the students are so forthcoming and generous of their time and humility.

Ann Smith (16 March 2007 03:47PM)

It will be an absolute travesty if Tricia doesn't win.

Laura (16 March 2007 03:46PM)

Tara - go girl go! Loving you. There is something very special about you and about your performances. I so want you to win now. You haven’t got the voice of Tricia, not by a long way. But you have soul and you move people. Tricia doesn’t do it for me in that way. There is feeling and a passion in your performances. You have come a long way over the last two weeks and I hope you go all the way. Looking forward to the final.

Julie, Surrey (16 March 2007 03:46PM)

Tricia - don't give up the winner will not be announced until tomorrow night. It's not over yet and you so look defeated tonight, you can do it. You have been great in the Academy and brilliant entertainment. Good luck and there is a great future for you!!!

Terry Norrington (16 March 2007 03:45PM)

Sorry, but I cannot believe that Tara was considered by the general public as being the best singer.

Kelly Oxley (16 March 2007 03:45PM)

Good luck Tara, you have brought a tear to my eye every night for the past 2 weeks, I know you probably think Trish should win, but my vote is on you. I wish I had your courage.

Sharon Hislop (16 March 2007 03:45PM)

Tricia is the best out of all of them and I do like Shaun, but he wasn’t good enough. Tara is an ok singer but I don't know how everyone is voting for her. But I guess it is for Comic Relief. PLEASE VOTE FOR TRICIA.

Sandra (16 March 2007 03:44PM)

I'm sorry to see Colin go. I thought he was brilliant, loads of personality, funny and quite a good voice too.

Tom, Weymouth (16 March 2007 03:43PM)

Am I the only one who thinks Tara can’t sing? She has no tune to her voice and has ruined most of the songs she has attempted. What a waste to get rid of Shaun who has a real talent at singing and Colin who could entertain!!

Carol Maunders (16 March 2007 03:43PM)

I love watching Kevin's dance class in the mornings!

Amanda Morrice (16 March 2007 01:18PM)

Tara and Tricia in the final is the best result! Tricia has a fab voice and Tara is riveting to watch, plus they are such mates! Can’t wait to see it…the public have taste.

Jackie Doswell (16 March 2007 01:18PM)

Well done Fame Academy - the best one to date and the comedy factor is fantastic. I think Tara should win she is the most improved and most honest with her performances.

Nik (16 March 2007 01:17PM)

Tricia - well done. You showed everyone that you really do have a great voice. I really hope they allow you to sing another countrified song. Good luck tonight. We all hope you win.

Kat, Shropshire (16 March 2007 01:17PM)

I'd just like to say, that I think Tricia is amazing and she's the real winner of this competition! She has an amazing voice and is such a lovely and bubbly person. She should not have been in the bottom three at all! She has the best voice in the competition. GO TRICIA!

Gillian Moden (16 March 2007 01:13PM)

Tara is great. She may not have the greatest voice in the Academy, but her performances have been fantastic. It's her honesty and vulnerability that make her stand out from the others. I know Tricia has the better voice, but I am hoping Tara wins.

Rita Bishop (16 March 2007 01:12PM)

Come on Tara, you are a lovely person and so funny with it…I admire your guts. You’ve got to win!

Lyn Plant (16 March 2007 01:12PM)

Tara can't sing. In my opinion she more or less talks her way through the performance. She's out of tune and no timing at all. You have just voted a brilliant voice off the final list - Shaun.

Jennie Burgess (16 March 2007 01:11PM)

I find it quite amazing that people voted for Tara...listening to her makes me cringe as she just cannot sing! Yet there are comments from viewers who obviously think she can.

John and Jackie Malbon (16 March 2007 01:10PM)

Please let's see more of Shaun Williamson - we loved him!

Lisa (16 March 2007 01:09PM)

Shaun, you are brilliant, your voice is amazing and you really, really need to bring out an album of all the songs you have performed and more!!!! I was gutted when you went out last night but I wish you all the best for the future.

Anthony Wren (16 March 2007 01:08PM)

Right from the word go it was obvious that Shaun Williamson had by far the most superior voice but has now been knocked out.

Mark Tomlinson (16 March 2007 01:07PM)

Richard Park is the only one of the judges prepared to speak the truth.

Sarah (16 March 2007 01:07PM)

Carrie and David are brilliant and I love watching it on interactive! I am hooked!!!!

Alison French (16 March 2007 01:06PM)

Ray would have won if he hadn't got sick!!! Looking forward to a fun night.

Steve (16 March 2007 12:20PM)

The best part of Fame Academy - the stunningly gorgeous Claudia!

Shona Morgan (16 March 2007 12:19PM)

Colin was the epitome of fun in the academy and the Final will be just plain wrong without him.

Jenny (16 March 2007 12:19PM)

Thanks to Shaun for the fantastic vocals - so disappointed he's not in the final, and to Colin for his sense of fun and enthusiasm.

Pamela, The Netherlands (15 March 2007 04:34PM)

To Tricia, Colin, Tara and Shaun - you are all fantastic and have given us all so much pleasure through your performances so far. It will be very hard to see any one of you four go tonight. Whoever it is, a "huge thank you" from all the BBC viewers in The Netherlands for the wonderful fun and entertainment you have given and your contribution to Red Nose Day. We hope to raise more donations tomorrow night during our Fame Academy Red Nose house party. Good luck to everyone.

Christine Wood, Kent (15 March 2007 04:34PM)

I’ve met Shaun and he is a wonderful human being. All that and a great voice - what more could you ask for? Keep voting for him.

Jane, East Peckham (15 March 2007 04:33PM)

I have enjoyed this series so much - I'm absolutely addicted. My favourite is Shaun. Not only does he have an amazing voice and wonderful stage presence, but he is so cute and cuddly.

Rachel Warr (15 March 2007 04:33PM)

I think Tara is the dark horse to win here. I love her husky soulful voice. She sings with such passion and the songs she chooses are obviously very meaningful to her. She made me cry last night with her rendition of the Carpenters song. Well done you!!

Debs (15 March 2007 04:32PM)

Colin and Tara for the Christmas Number One!!

Cheryl (15 March 2007 04:32PM)

It's all for Comic Relief and the celebrities should be praised on their achievements they have made so far and having the guts to get up on live TV and perform out of their comfort zone.

John Mowatt (15 March 2007 04:31PM)

How Tara gets the support is beyond me. Ah well!

Alan Pooles (15 March 2007 04:31PM)

Colin & Tara's duet was very moving... well, they say opposites attract! Time for the public to vote for the only two left who can sing - Tricia and Shaun. Come on people - vote for the singers! Tricia should be the winner tomorrow night.

Pat (15 March 2007 04:31PM)

My head's never really disagreed with the judges, maybe apart from Lesley, but my heart sometimes does. There's only one winner for me and that's Tricia. She has a good, natural voice that comes over on every song she sings.

Marian (15 March 2007 04:30PM)

Depends on what you want, voice or performance! Obviously Shaun and Tricia have the best voices but Colin and Tara give the best performances. As this is for Comic Relief I believe that performance should win. I would like to see Colin and Tara in the final. Good luck to them tonight.

Linda Carylon (15 March 2007 04:29PM)

Keep going Tara - we are all behind you. Forget the voice, you have shown the most improvement with Colin following up with his much improved performances of late. This is a show based on performance and it's related to comedy, it's not a singing competition so forget all that and keep up the good work.

Chloe (15 March 2007 04:29PM)

Shaun is definitely the best student (if you can call some one that good a student) in there and he deserves to win. His song 'Walking In Memphis' was fabulous and he should release a single or album because I want a CD of his great singing!

Jenny (15 March 2007 04:29PM)

Best of luck to Tara and Colin who have shown improvement and given us a laugh for Comic Relief.

Alex (15 March 2007 04:28PM)

I hope the public will vote for Shaun and Tricia - they both have brilliant voices. Their progress might not be as obvious as Colin and Tara but Shaun and Tricia have progressed in a different way. Lesley is the only judge who always tries to see the positive in all performances and I respect her opinion more than Richard or Craig.

Wendy, Holland (15 March 2007 02:58PM)

I would just like to say I think that all the students have really put up an incredible show. Of course there are a couple that have a problem with tuning and timing, but they have all had a wonderful journey and we have had the privilege of watching them. I would just like to say that I think that both Carrie and David do the most amazing job, and of course Kevin, who does his best to get them all awake in the morning!!

Paul, Thatcham (15 March 2007 02:58PM)

Wow, was I worried tonight. I couldn't believe that Shaun and Tricia were in the bottom three, but all ended OK in the end!

Leanne (15 March 2007 02:57PM)

I can't believe the show is almost over. I'm going to miss it so much. I don't think Tricia or Shaun should win by default just because they have the best voice otherwise what was the point of the others taking part? Personally I'm voting for Tara. Her performances are the most captivating because she evokes emotion through her singing and that's what music is all about.

Becca (15 March 2007 02:57PM)

Can’t believe the legend that is Stubbsy has gone! Thought he was going to go all the way. What a great sport (excuse the pun!) he has been. Colin should have gone tonight.

Aliyah, Buckinghamshire (15 March 2007 02:57PM)

Tricia is the greatest. Her voice is so good and just like a real singer. She is a real angel. I hope she wins. Good luck. Vote for her now - she's the best.

Sarah Magee (15 March 2007 02:56PM)

Huge well done to all the celebrities! I'm really enjoying tuning in every night to see who stays or goes. My money is on Colin to win. His version of ‘Ring of Fire’ was amazing!!!!!!!!!! Also love watching Patrick - fab presenter

Laura, Glasgow (15 March 2007 02:56PM)

There is no question at all. The winner is the gorgeous Colin Murray.

Tracey (15 March 2007 02:55PM)

I think Lemar, Tricia, Shaun and Colin should release that record. It was FANTASTIC.

Andrew, Essex (15 March 2007 02:55PM)

Love to Tara. I think you're on a wonderful journey. You may not be the 'best' singer but your performances are by far the most emotionally captivating.

Hilary Fox (15 March 2007 02:55PM)

Colin and Tara singing together tonight was wonderful (yes, I know it was sometimes out of key) but the emotion they put in the performance gave me goose bumps. For all round entertainment value, and improvement in performance since the show began, I shall be voting for Tara to win, I think she is lovely and has come so far.

Mike Vasey, Wirral (15 March 2007 02:54PM)

Whilst I agree that Shaun has a great voice, and Tricia also, Tara always puts the most emotion and feeling into everything she has sung so far. Okay, Tara’s voice might not be the best in the show but each time she sings she is the only one who makes me tingle with emotion. Keep it up Tara!

Julie (15 March 2007 02:53PM)

What is going on? How can Tara still be there? Even with a viral infection Ray was the better singer.

Carrie (15 March 2007 02:52PM)

While I agree that Shaun and Tricia have the best voices in the Academy, I feel the public don't understand why they both can end up on the bottom three. What you have to remember is that while you are voting on the performance you also have to understand the journey that some of the celebrities have been on, and that is why Tara is being kept in the Academy night after night. If I was voting on progress it would be Tara 100%. Although if i was basing my vote on progress & entertainment in would be Colin all the way.

Karen (15 March 2007 02:52PM)

Tara may well have improved on a personal level, but for goodness sake her voice is awful and excruciating. I really hope that the public do vote for the best voice which in my opinion is Shaun.

Brenda (15 March 2007 02:52PM)

Tara should win this competition, she has the comedy factor and is fantastic to watch, after all it is for Comic Relief, unfortunately I think Shaun or Tricia will win which is a shame as they are far too serious.

Helen (15 March 2007 02:52PM)

I want to encourage all the students to keep going for it with all they've got. You are all fantastic and I so admire what your doing!!

Caitlin Harrison, Clydebank (15 March 2007 02:51PM)

Go Shaun! The judges are mean so do your best ok? I am your number one fan.

Iain (15 March 2007 02:51PM)

Richard speaks his mind and that's what he is there for.

Lucy (15 March 2007 02:50PM)

Aargh! What is Tricia doing in the bottom three again? Has the nation gone mad? She's a fab performer and has a fantastic voice. She also wears the most gorgeous dresses and I'm loving the new hairdo! Tricia to win!

Yvonne Cook (15 March 2007 02:50PM)

Tara is so wonderful. I’ve watched interactive over the last week and she has such a wonderful nature that you just want to give her a big hug and wrap her in cotton wool to look after her! Tara you should win on Friday for the effort you have put in and the journey you have travelled. TARA TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo (15 March 2007 01:19PM)

It is plain to see that the public like to be entertained. Tara and Colin showed true emotion, and although their singing didn't come close to Tricia and Shaun, they were enthralling to watch! Go for it you two!

Lou (15 March 2007 11:09AM)

Ray Stubbs - what a true gentleman. A real down to earth nice guy who deserved to be in the Final! You have really improved. WELL DONE. Get well soon!

George Wright (15 March 2007 11:09AM)

I'm very sorry to see Ray go, I think his influence on the 'team' has been immense and his performances great. On merit, I believe Shaun should win as he seems to have made every effort to improve on what was already a good voice and not just rested on his laurels.

Kate, Bristol (15 March 2007 11:08AM)

Best for Ray to go - just to save his poor voice! As for the remaining students...Tara to win! Solid gold posh bird.

Annie, Kidderminster (15 March 2007 11:08AM)

Hasn't Ray got the most angelic face? Isn't he the most modest and (in Tara’s words) dignified man? What a man, what a sport! Go Stubbsy Go... but I so wish he hadn't!

Isabelle Young, age 13, Belgium (15 March 2007 11:07AM)

I live in Belgium so I am unable to vote, but if I could I would have been voting for Angellica and Ray. When Angellica went I almost cried but when Ray went I cried a lot because he was great. It was a real shame that he was let down by his illness. Love you Angellica and Ray!!

Maureen and Norman (15 March 2007 11:06AM)

Please tell Shaun we are voting for him. He came into our pub in Leicester one night a while ago, joined in the quiz and made everyone’s night magical. He deserves to win he is such a lovely person.

Vicky, Stroud (15 March 2007 11:05AM)

I think Tricia is fab and I hope she wins!!! Do it for the girls Tricia!!

Dorothy Spencer (15 March 2007 11:04AM)

Rock on Ray Stubbs - to get out of your sick bed and perform as you did tonight is fantastic.

Maggi, Hereford (15 March 2007 11:03AM)

It was great to see Sinéad and Lemar back in the Academy. Both they and Jamie Cullum acknowledged how hard it is to sing a different song each night.

Marcella (15 March 2007 11:02AM)

I think Tara has been on the biggest journey and she should be the winner. She has and will always have my vote.

Hollie, Portsmouth (15 March 2007 11:02AM)

Colin to me is the best one in the Academy and I wish him all the very best of luck. You can do it Colin. Sing your heart out!

Alice Bloom (15 March 2007 11:01AM)

Shaun has the best voice by far. I don’t understand why the judges saved Tricia over him last night. I hope the final is between Shaun and Tara they both sing with such passion.

Ruth (15 March 2007 10:54AM)

How can anyone think that Tara sings in tune during any of the songs she sings? I see no emotion when I see her sing. If Fame Academy is all about improvement rather than perfection, then Angellica shouldn't have gone.

Jolie, Guildford (15 March 2007 10:53AM)

Tara is so deep and wonderful. Ray is rubbish, but he's lovely and I love it all. They are raising money, that's what counts.

Hella, Utrecht, Holland (15 March 2007 10:51AM)

I’m Dutch, but like watching this show every year from Holland. The only one I know in the show this year is Shaun, because I always watch EastEnders, but I like Ray and Tara very much. I can’t help laughing every night when the judges and tutors are shouting at one another!!! Thanks for all the fun!

Chris, Devon (15 March 2007 10:51AM)

Just want to say I am hooked on Fame Academy. I am so sorry Ray went out because he is a true gentleman and great entertainer. Cannot believe Tara was voted in last night, really didn't like her performances last evening, so out of tune. Good luck to all, would now love to see either Shaun or Tricia win.

Paul (14 March 2007 04:09PM)

Shaun, thank you for reawakening my love of a truly golden voice. I'm almost 60 years of age and it has been a long time since I have been "moved" by a singer. To listen to you sing, lifts the hair on the back of the neck and brings a tear to the eye and I'm just a guy, I can only imagine how you affect the Ladies. My wife had tears of joy all the way through ‘Titanic’. Good luck for Friday, we are all voting for you.

Jennie (14 March 2007 04:08PM)

I think the Final will be between Shaun and Tricia - they are both brill. Good luck to both of you.

Stephen Lloyd (14 March 2007 04:08PM)

I really hope that Tricia wins Fame Academy. I can’t believe she has been in the bottom three twice now. She's amazing!! She does not deserve to be there – she needs our votes!!

Lucy James (14 March 2007 04:07PM)

I think Tricia looks and sounds great and also Colin looks good and is a great entertainer.

Heather Thomassen, The Netherlands (14 March 2007 04:07PM)

Am I the only one who thinks that the public are voting not just for individual performers but, in many cases, against the judges’ comments? So many times when the judges have given fulsome praise, that performer has ended up in the final three. When individual performances have been slated - lo and behold, that performer ends up back in the Academy! Or maybe my imagination is working overtime?

Donald, Whitechapel (14 March 2007 04:05PM)

Tara, your honesty and sincerity shine through each night and we love you for it. I love your performances and voted tonight for the first time this series. I’m so glad I helped keep you in the academy. Be strong and feel the love!

Julie (14 March 2007 04:05PM)

Tara has outstayed her time in the Academy. She cannot sing.

Richard Woodrow, Kent (14 March 2007 04:04PM)

I just had to email to say that I thought Tara on the piano last night was the most emotion filled song/performance I have ever seen. She sang that like she wrote the song.

Joyce, Belgium (14 March 2007 04:03PM)

I can't see what the judges or the voters see in Tara's voice, it's awful. Tricia has by far the best voice in the Academy! As for Ray Stubbs, his version of ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ last night was BRILLIANT!!!!!

Karyn Niven (14 March 2007 04:03PM)

I think Tara has an extremely soulful voice and puts so much emotion into her singing. I really hope that she wins or at least is still in The Academy for Final Night on Friday.

Kirstie, Isle of Wight (14 March 2007 12:45PM)

I am a big fan of Tricia's and I'm so pleased that she's finally got the opportunity to show off her fantastic voice. To me she is the clear winner in this competition.

Jim (14 March 2007 12:45PM)

Tricia is the only real singer in the Academy and gorgeous to boot. Forget what the panel say - she is a definite winner.

Mike (14 March 2007 12:45PM)

Winston Churchill once said: "Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm". But all Academy members shown have had great triumphs and shown enthusiasm in spades. As for Tara - she's the Queen of Fame Academy. Tara to win!

Christine (14 March 2007 12:44PM)

It seems to me the best singers, like Shaun and Tricia, get slated and the others who are still in, and are certainly not singers, get all the praise.

Melvyn (14 March 2007 12:44PM)

No one mentioned that singing and playing piano at the same time is NOT easy and Tara deserved some extra points for that. That is a skill on its own. To then remember and perform a song on top, and coordinate the two, is hard work. The girl done good!

Jacky (14 March 2007 12:42PM)

Keep going Tara. You can surely overcome your fears, just accept the strength of the people who are thinking of you :o)

Paul Williams (14 March 2007 12:41PM)

I think Tara was out of order for not voting for Colin. He was clearly the best.

Minna, age 5 and Edie, age 8 (14 March 2007 12:40PM)

Angellica - I am sorry that you went out of the Fame Academy. You were my favourite. When I heard you were voted out, I burst into tears. My sister, who is eight, says 'You were the best and you were really good'.

Pat Williams (14 March 2007 12:39PM)

How can the judges keep praising Ray all the time - he isn’t the best by far. Yet Shaun, who is near perfect, and Tricia get harsh words from Richard. Colin did deserve to stay with his great performance of ‘Ring of Fire’.

Bud (14 March 2007 12:39PM)

I think Stubbsy has been a revelation. I know he isn’t the best singer but his personality is coming through.

Sid, Watford (14 March 2007 12:38PM)

Ray is a lovable guy but he can't sing and his performances make me cringe. I'm voting Tara all the way!

Anthony Rowe (14 March 2007 12:37PM)

I was totally astonished to see Richard Park save Ray Stubbs at the final stages of the programme.

Lisa Hogarth (14 March 2007 12:37PM)

Colin Murray, and Ray Stubbs should stay in to the end. Personally, I think that they are both brilliant although I can see the fear in Colin's eyes. Bless, he has a gorgeous smile but I wish the best for them all.

Delia, Kent (14 March 2007 12:36PM)

I think Colin is great, he shows such enthusiasm.

Lynne (14 March 2007 12:35PM)

I think for sheer enthusiasm and improvement Colin should win. Also, Shaun has transformed as a person and is a great singer.

Claire Samuel (14 March 2007 11:49AM)

I'm sorry Angellica has been voted out. Her voice was getting there slowly with the tuition and she certainly made a huge effort in performance. When she started, her voice was very weak, but it has improved by leaps and bounds.

Mark (14 March 2007 11:49AM)

Just wanted to say that I thought that Angellica was the most improved of all the students. So sad to see her go, she really tried hard, admire her commitment.

Louiza (14 March 2007 11:48AM)

Angellica should have stayed in as she has worked hard and improved more than anyone else in every way. I think either Shaun or Tricia should win. They are amazing!!!!

Lorna, Exeter (14 March 2007 11:46AM)

Shaun and Tricia are the best singers but Stubbs - you can hit me with your rhythm stick anytime. The right person was voted off last night.

Lin Hayward (14 March 2007 11:46AM)

I would love to hear Tricia and Shaun sing a duet together - a Meatloaf number would be great. As for Tara, I think she sounds like Marianne Faithful - she has a vulnerability in her voice that just tugs at your very soul. Go Tara, go!!!!

Carl Scaife (14 March 2007 11:45AM)

Vote for Ray he is a legend!! He doesn't know it, but the guy is a musical genius. He is so bad, he is brilliant!!!

Michelle Taylor (14 March 2007 11:45AM)

I love Ray - totally besotted!!!!! Is he married?????

Joanna Whiston, Cardiff (14 March 2007 11:45AM)

I think that Tricia Penrose is so fantastic. She is able to keep ALL the notes and she looks so beautiful every night. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Gina (14 March 2007 11:44AM)

Everyone vote for Tricia. She is the best in the whole Academy and the one that can actually sing.

Paul Groves (14 March 2007 11:44AM)

Please give Shaun a Meat Loaf song - he is the best and should win.

Claire Jones (14 March 2007 11:43AM)

Please Richard - use the intelligence you have and try some comments that build people up, even if the performance is not the best.

Denise Roberts (14 March 2007 11:42AM)

I can't believe the criticism aimed at Tara... she has the most amazing husky voice, and each and every song is so filled with emotion that it makes the hairs on my neck stand up. You can see her improving daily. Ok, so she hits the odd duff note, but come on - she's fabulous!

Irene (14 March 2007 11:42AM)

I think they're competing to see who can sing out of tune the longest - Tara being the winner.

Rachie (14 March 2007 11:42AM)

I love Tara!!! She is amazing. I just had to email when I heard her tonight because she was so fantastic. To play the piano and sing at the same time is soooooo hard!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I love Dom and Sarah!!!!!

Leigh (14 March 2007 11:35AM)

It's not always about who sings best and Ray is certainly one of the best for entertainment value, so come on Ray!!!

David Ellis (14 March 2007 11:35AM)

Ray was great and did the song so well. Call The Blockheads now and get them to record the song with Ray.

Syd (14 March 2007 11:32AM)

Why don’t you get Richard Park to sing? Let’s find out how good he is.

Rachael Lloyd (13 March 2007 04:42PM)

Tricia Penrose is fantastic - she is obviously the best singer on the show and the only one with who can keep a note and looks fantastic too! Trisha to win!!!

Pierrette (13 March 2007 04:42PM)

I have never heard of Tim Vine before the show – and I absolutely love him! What a shame he has gone now! But I will certainly keep an eye out for him on TV in the future.

Simon (13 March 2007 04:42PM)

I think all the football fans must be voting for Ray. If you have EVER been to the football you will know how bad the singing is. I think that's where Ray learned to sing!

Melanie Stubbs (13 March 2007 04:41PM)

Please give Colin something to rock out to!! He's a cool indie kid!

Taryn Martin (13 March 2007 04:40PM)

Tara has been an absolute revelation and although she will never have a singing career she will have more understanding from the general public.

Debbie, Scotland (13 March 2007 04:40PM)

What is it with Tara and everyone thinking how wonderful she is? She can't sing. She may be a very misunderstood, friendly, warm person, but I still don't think she should win Comic Relief Does Fame Academy!

Suzanne Thurlow (13 March 2007 04:39PM)

How could anyone not love Tara? I think she is so lovely and I want her to win!

Phil White (13 March 2007 04:38PM)

I think the contestants are all great and have a lot of bottle getting up there and singing. I think sometimes the judges could be more diplomatic in the way they offer their comments to them.

Steve Hall (13 March 2007 04:38PM)

As Richard keeps patronising all the students what about him singing live on Red Nose Day - people could donate to criticise him then!

Karen, Billericay (13 March 2007 03:36PM)

Just watching Angellica rehearsing - she sounds great! If only she didn't get so nervous on stage, the judges wouldn't keep mauling her. Come on Angellica - you are my son's favourite (he's 10!) - forget the nerves and give the performance of your life!!

Lauren, 14 (13 March 2007 03:36PM)

I really like Tricia’s voice - she is wicked. I like Tara and Angellica as well, because they are sounding better every night.

Abi Fisher (13 March 2007 03:35PM)

I am like sooooooooooooo sad that Mel went!! Mel rules, even though she was expelled!

Mary (13 March 2007 03:35PM)

Thank you to all the celebrity students. It takes real guts to go out on that stage every night and sing when you know it’s not your best skill. Every penny you are helping to raise will be giving someone the chance to live a better life so good luck to you all.

Sadik (13 March 2007 03:34PM)

I'm totally baffled by how the public vote. The bottom three should have been Colin, Angellica and Ray. I hope people pick up the phone tonight and save Tara. She really knows how to tug at your heart strings.

Brian (13 March 2007 03:34PM)

Are most of the country deaf? Tricia was by far the best singer last night and yet she was in the bottom three. Tara was dreadful. She can’t sing to save her life. I have to turn the volume down on the television. I sincerely hope that Tara is voted out tonight. Good luck to the rest of the Academy on what has been superb viewing!!

Gary, Gloucestershire (13 March 2007 03:33PM)

Tara is an unbelievable singer - I hope she has the inclination to undertake a singing career.

Rachael (13 March 2007 03:33PM)

I can't believe Tara is tipped to win. It is embarrassing to watch her. We cringe each night she "performs". Shaun is excellent. He has come from a shy, soap star to show he has real quality as a singer.

Chris Orpwood (13 March 2007 03:32PM)

Shaun has a great voice but is suffering from a poor choice of songs and poor appearance. Why doesn't he sing 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' or 'Bat Out Of Hell'? These songs would really suit his voice! Which brings me to suits - he should scrap the cheap Italian style of suit and wear flowing white shirts with long velvet jackets or nice big jackets with epaulets. In my opinion these changes could make Shaun the deserving winner.

Fi Passey (13 March 2007 03:32PM)

I am really enjoying the show and hope that Tara wins as she's the best entertainer.

Jacob (13 March 2007 02:36PM)

I want Shaun to win - he can actually sing!

Karen, Coventry (13 March 2007 02:35PM)

It just has to be Ray for me. His manner and approach to the whole idea of the show is a great example to everyone from youngsters to wrinklies. I'm 47 so I suppose I'm a wrinkly.

Emily (13 March 2007 02:35PM)

I think Angellica is amazing and should win, not because she has the best voice, but because of her optimism and fighting spirit, and because she has improved immensely. Tricia and Shaun are just boring as they both always sing in the same style that they have every night. But I think everyone is great for doing it, and raising money for Comic Relief!!

Laura, 14, Newcastle Upon Tyne (13 March 2007 02:34PM)

It seems that Angellica thinks she is the only one who works hard on the show. I wonder what she works hard at because it's certainly not her singing!

Mark and Karen, Bethany, Naomi, Joel and Nathan (13 March 2007 02:33PM)

This is for Comic Relief and we did start with five comedians. They weren't all without some singing ability, particularly Mel and Tim, yet none of them have survived into the last six. Where are the laughs in the performances to come from now?

Dave (13 March 2007 02:32PM)

Am I the only person on the planet to be totally moved by Tara's performance of 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow'? I thought she did an amazing job, fought for every note and lived every single word... C'mon Tara, keep concentrating, you CAN do it!!!

Holly, Surrey (13 March 2007 02:32PM)

I think Tara is rubbish! She has no chance of winning. I think Tricia is really good. Zoë was bad as well, but tried really hard.

Tony (13 March 2007 02:31PM)

Good luck Shaun & Tricia. Let's hope a class act wins it this year.

Yvonne and Haylie, age 9 (13 March 2007 02:31PM)

Tara or Shaun to win. Big hug for Tara. We think she's great.

Arthur (13 March 2007 02:30PM)

Richard is the main reason why some of the best performers have either been voted off or in the bottom three. There is absolutely no reason why either Shaun or Tricia should ever be in the bottom three.

Sheila (13 March 2007 02:29PM)

I think they should get Richard to have a go at learning how to sing a new song in the day that the students have and see how the judges rate him!

Lauren (13 March 2007 02:29PM)

I miss Tim! Let's get him back for an encore on the final night!!!

Barbara Read (13 March 2007 02:27PM)

The celebrities are very brave and do not deserve to be so unfairly criticised. Well done to Lesley and Patrick, who have diffused all the tricky situations so far.

Peter (13 March 2007 02:27PM)

Tara isn't a great singer but she makes up for it with her personality and determination. I also like Angellica. She's such a good sport keeping her spirits up after being in the bottom three so much. Tara and Angellica for the Final!

Jackie and Mark, Wales (13 March 2007 02:26PM)

Just to put my vote across - 100% Ray Stubbs. Is there no end to this man's talents? He has done so much for charity. Keep up the good work.

Lilian (13 March 2007 02:25PM)

When is Shaun going to make an album? I would certainly buy it.

Alan (13 March 2007 02:24PM)

Has anyone else thought how good it would be if the two male judges were to enter into the spirit of the show by performing a song at one day's notice and letting the students judge them for a change? I know Lesley can perform and sing - the others might gain some respect if it were seen that they could do anything other than be very rude.

Molly (13 March 2007 02:23PM)

Hey! Vote for everyone! It's for a good cause and they're all fabulous!! I love Angellica!! She's certainly the best hard-working gal here!! Woooohooo for Angellica!! Booohooo for Richard!!

David Ross (13 March 2007 02:23PM)

Why are Tricia and Tara in the bottom three? How come Ray hasn’t been in the bottom three yet? He’s had more than a few dodgy performances yet escapes being booted out.

Alex (13 March 2007 02:22PM)

Can anyone tell me how Tara can still be in the Academy? She can't sing for toffee yet still seems to be getting on better than Tricia who to my ear has been superb.

Julie Miller (13 March 2007 02:22PM)

Please persuade Tara to play the piano and sing again! Listening as a qualified musician it is so frustrating (although maybe acceptable given the cause) that all the contestants are seen/heard as equal when it is so obvious that only one or two are at all musical. Tara's talent is proven yet she shows her abilities to the best when she plays AND sings. Please!

Paula (13 March 2007 02:21PM)

Richard Park is so rude! He takes no account of how hard the students have worked and how tired they are. He also seems completely out of touch with the voting public!

M Weir (13 March 2007 02:20PM)

Ray and Angellica are woeful and should have gone long ago. My opinion is that Shaun or Tricia should win.

Lee, Liverpool (13 March 2007 02:19PM)

Amazing improvement by celebs like Angellica and Tara. For Comic Relief Night how about Girls Aloud AND Sugababes vs the Fame Academy students?

Karen (13 March 2007 12:14PM)

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the show and how good it is seeing the celebs having fun, getting nervous and not being too shy to show us their soft side. I think Tara is fantastic for someone who cannot really sing. To put the emotions into her songs is fantastic.

Jerome, The Netherlands (13 March 2007 12:14PM)

Angellica gave a perfect rendition of 'Manic Monday'. The song is meant to be lighthearted, a bit silly, a throwaway portrayal of the way a teenage girl might experience Monday. Angellica's performance was right on the button. The fact that Richard Park seems to think that the song is some kind of nursery rhyme shows what an old fogey he is.

J Coombes (13 March 2007 12:14PM)

Great performance from Tricia. I can't believe she sang so well. I thought she would kill the song completely but I was so wrong!!!

Rebecca (13 March 2007 12:11PM)

Fred - you done Scotland proud. You should still be in there tonight. Tara, Ray and Colin had really bad nights last night, but well done.

Julia Gerrard (13 March 2007 12:11PM)

Go, Stubbsy, go!!! Sure, he can’t sing, but I will bet he comes in the top three. This is not about being the best - it's about having a laugh, raising money.

Ann Smith (13 March 2007 12:07PM)

What on earth is Richard Park doing by bolstering Ray Stubbs' confidence in his singing? No wonder Ray looks amazed each time he receives such ill-deserved praise. Then Richard is lukewarm about Tricia's effort and she can sing!!

CJ (13 March 2007 12:06PM)

Brilliant show, but I can't understand why Colin's still in, having watched him being all stroppy in the live streaming last night. Mel should still be there, she has been brilliant and embodies 'Comic Relief'. Tara to win now - you can't help loving her.

Kevin Isaac, Fraserburgh (13 March 2007 12:06PM)

Young people who devote their working life to entertaining children have my admiration. Angellica sang wonderfully and I enjoyed her very much, along with the others of course.

Doreen Newton (13 March 2007 12:05PM)

Because it is a Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, I think it should be the worst singer who wins... not the best one. My vote would have gone to Mel. She was BRILLIANT... and very appropriate for Comic Relief.

Mave (13 March 2007 12:05PM)

I think the judges are a bit harsh - especially Richard Park. The students are all doing their best.

Emma Anderson, Gosport (13 March 2007 12:05PM)

Craig and Richard - everyone thinks they are harsh but they are just being honest and I am sure the celebs don't want to be lied to. Craig is better looking though.

Georgina (12 March 2007 04:43PM)

I think Tricia is a great singer and a great actress too! I want her to win!!!!!

Marc Burgauer (12 March 2007 04:43PM)

Tara has been a real revelation so far and I can't wait to hear more. Who would have thought that the IT girl has such depth? While the other contestants are fun to watch, she actually has a real performer's quality. Tara to win!

Jean and Bernie (12 March 2007 04:42PM)

There is not one other person in this show other than Shaun that can hold, let alone carry, a note. I will say Tricia is ok as well, but all the others are as flat as a pancake. Keep up the good work, Shaun and Tricia.

Sophie, Shirley and Tommy (12 March 2007 04:41PM)

We love the show and think that Tara should win! We don’t like Angellica that much, sorry, but all the rest are amazing.

Kate Marlow, age 12 (12 March 2007 04:41PM)

How dare you vote out Tim!!!!! He rocked!!!!

Martin Brown (12 March 2007 04:40PM)

The programme is brilliant, but why do those celebs - who are giving their time and great effort - have to put up with what I see as total rudeness by that Park bloke? It is for Comic Relief, for goodness sake. I agree some are better than others, but they are all working so hard and making a great show for us viewers.

Holly (12 March 2007 04:39PM)

Just wanted to say well done to everyone taking part this year - it takes great guts to put yourself up for personal criticism and it’s for such a great cause. Also, Tara is fabulous and she has clearly been given a rough time from newspapers over the years - yet another reason why we should all learn to take what we read in the papers with a huge lump of salt!

Ellie (12 March 2007 04:39PM)

How could Mel be voted out over Colin? It’s just not right...

Donna, Leatherhead (12 March 2007 04:18PM)

The programme is great fun – the best entertainment on TV at the moment. All of the students have made really good progress in so short a time and for such a good cause. Well done, them!

Anne Selley (12 March 2007 04:17PM)

I have just been watching Tara rehearsing with Kevin for this evening - her performance was so moving it made me cry, which I haven’t been able to do for many years. Just lovin' you Tara, keep it up.

Miki Travis (12 March 2007 04:17PM)

I've known Shaun for quite a number of years, and I am really impressed with the way that his shyness is slowly turning into confidence, his interaction with the students and audience is a big improvement. I feel sure that his change of character will enhance his already likeable persona.

Debi, Maidstone (12 March 2007 04:16PM)

What a joy to see Shaun perform. He has truth and integrity and I am so proud to have known him in his early years when he first set out to make this business his career. His determination and tenacity are still fully intact and he seems to be the same kind, thoughtful man he ever was. I am so thrilled that he has had this chance to grow further, he won't let us down. No pressure, Shaun!!!!

Rachel, France (12 March 2007 04:16PM)

Fantastic show! Well done everyone - TARA to win!! Go Girl!!!!

Lee (12 March 2007 04:14PM)

Can't believe that Mel is out! What is the world coming to?! The comedy flame of Fame Academy has been snuffed out.

Michelle Galloway (12 March 2007 04:12PM)

Are we really sure Richard isn’t tone deaf? Agreed, Angellica is not a great singer but she knows it and works hard to improve, which she has constantly! At the end of the day, that’s what the contest is supposed to be about…. Who improves the most and without a moment’s doubt, it’s her!
I think the contestants on the whole are doing a great job… raising money for charity. It’s not about winning, it’s about the fund-raising !

Joe Christie (12 March 2007 04:09PM)

When will the judges, especially Richard Park, stop taking things so seriously? To bring Angellica to tears was completely unnecessary. The students are giving their time and effort in order to raise funds for a great cause. Mel got it right last night when, as she was leaving, she said "It doesn’t matter, it’s all for Comic Relief."

Lauren (12 March 2007 04:09PM)

I think Colin is a great entertainer but he doesn’t seem to show it as much on Fame Academy as he does on the radio... COME ON COLIN.

Mary (12 March 2007 04:08PM)

Angellica's song last night was obviously beyond her ability!

Amy (12 March 2007 04:08PM)

I love watching the show - it's great. Come on Angellica!

Stephanie Goodman (12 March 2007 04:07PM)

This is for Comic Relief, yet all the comics are being expelled.

Lorraine (12 March 2007 04:07PM)

Just like to say that I am loving the show. Tim was fab and I am missing him, can’t understand the British public!!! TARA TO WIN!!

Richard Mitchell, Newbury (12 March 2007 04:07PM)

I think Tricia Penrose and Shaun Williamson are the best two. I think there's going to be a lot of money raised this year.

Anne Marie (12 March 2007 04:05PM)

Lads, you are doing a wonderful show. The entertainment value is top notch... I am totally addicted to all the Fame Academy shows and the students, tutors, judges and presenters give it an edge over all the other talent shows that are shown at the moment You lot are pure class... Thank You!

Gillian, Edinburgh (12 March 2007 04:04PM)

Come on Fred MacAulay! You’re doing Scotland proud - keep up the good work!

Leon (12 March 2007 04:04PM)

I think Angellica has HEART, she tries so hard and that's why she stays in.

Sylvia (12 March 2007 04:03PM)

How Angellica has lasted this long I do not know. Her voice is painful on the ears.

Gary (12 March 2007 04:03PM)

The whole object of the thing is to raise money for charity - the celebs are not about to go and challenge the music industry, so a few 'bum' notes, and couple of missed timings don't matter!! In fact they add to the fun and make us pick up the phone even more.

Belinda, Isle of Wight (12 March 2007 04:02PM)

I think Comic Relief Does Fame Academy is good entertainment that not only gives viewing pleasure, but also raises much needed money. Well done and good luck to you all.

Chris, Leeds (12 March 2007 04:02PM)

I'm baffled by the judges' comments! No disrespect to Ray and Tara but why are their performances praised as 'amazing' when others like Shaun are criticised! I just don't get it! It's ridiculous! I think Shaun should win the show because it's a lot harder for someone like him to improve than Ray or Tara.

Maggie (12 March 2007 04:01PM)

How dare Richard Park be so cruel. Craig is always very precise about what he doesn't like. Lesley is constructive, supportive and always does her best to "sugar the pill".

Shazza (12 March 2007 04:00PM)

Am so sorry to see Mel go, she was great. Tara is a joy to watch and gets better each night. Shaun has a very good voice. Tricia can sing but comes across as a little bit too confident.

Theresa (12 March 2007 04:00PM)

Tara is performing great. She is showing a lot of hidden talent and is brilliant on the piano. I think Tara has grown, gained more confidence and matured a lot during her time as a student at Fame Academy.

Saskia Bosch, The Netherlands (12 March 2007 01:57PM)

For years we have been following Fame Academy over here in Holland. What a fantastic show, what a great idea. They all work so hard to raise money for Africa and England. Well done!!

Dee Flanagan (12 March 2007 01:56PM)

What was Ben Elton doing singing Love and Marriage on tonight's Fame Academy? Bring back the real Colin Murray!!

Martin (12 March 2007 12:48PM)

Tara's performance of These Boots Are Made For Walkin' was hot.

Kate Williams (12 March 2007 12:36PM)

Mel shouldn't have gone - she was so funny and that's what the show is supposed to be about - not inflated egos.

Janet, Christchurch (12 March 2007 12:27PM)

Great show, shame Mel was voted off.

Loo (12 March 2007 12:18PM)

Ple-e-e-ase! What is going on! Ray Stubbs is a lovely fella, but SING? No way! He's got a rubbish voice! And he's NOT improving. C'mon voters, be fair!

Pauline (12 March 2007 12:00PM)

Fred, Angellica and Tara - you all have lovely, tuneful speaking voices, with loads of volume. So when you stop being self conscious, especially Fred, I am sure it will blossom in your singing. Let go!

Shirley Henry (12 March 2007 11:50AM)

I am surprised that the judges were so brutal with Angellica especially as she has made such great progress and there are others that don't sing in tune either but were not slated like her. There are a few celebs that entered with good vocals and have the edge over the others but the progress that is made in the Academy should be taken into account.

Becki (12 March 2007 11:48AM)

Good on David for having a go at the horrible judges after their comments about Fred. His performance tonight was one of the best that he has ever done since entering the Academy.

Dee (12 March 2007 11:43AM)

I think Shaun is fantastic. His voice, looks and everything about him are so wonderful.

Diana (12 March 2007 11:34AM)

Brilliant show. Tara is my absolute favourite - she is such a sweet girl and is doing really well, I hope she stays in till the end. They're all doing brilliantly and all credit to them for giving up their time and working so hard for a great charity. Must also say what a fantastic job Carrie and David are doing too.

Michael Anderson (12 March 2007 11:17AM)

This year’s show is great. I think Tara is fantastic and she deserves to win. BBC - bring back a full series of the show – it’s brilliant.

Jason, Cambridge (12 March 2007 11:15AM)

Please, please, please get the teachers to teach the students how to use microphones properly!!! The students practically eat the mikes and any teacher of music technology will tell you that this is bad for sound; they should hold the microphone well away from their mouths.

Hazel Longhurst (12 March 2007 11:14AM)

I am really, really enjoying Comic Relief Does Fame Academy this year and the students are really good. Zoë certainly did not deserve to go but I’m glad that Angellica is still in.

Jenny Ellis (11 March 2007 04:44PM)

Fantastic show. Loving them all... in particular Shaun, Colin and Ray, but for whoever wins it has been brilliant viewing. Well done to all of the students - everyone is a winner.

Denzil (11 March 2007 04:43PM)

I think that Mel comes up with new ideas every performance and after all, it’s gotta be funny because it's for Comic Relief.

Mandi (11 March 2007 04:42PM)

I'm really enjoying the show and think all of the celebrity students are doing a really god job in entertaining the nation and raising the much needed funds for Comic Relief. Zoë is lovely, but thank goodness she was voted off last night. Keep up the good work celebs!

Jonathan Kenyon (11 March 2007 04:31PM)

Please put me out of my misery. What was the name of the song Colin sang last night?


The track was Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day. If you want to find out the name of any song performed on the show then head over to the ‘Backstage’ area on our website and delve into the Music Room. Info and trivia galore awaits!

Neil (11 March 2007 04:27PM)

Hello, I think the show is great and I am tipping Ray to win. Go Ray!

Mark, Birmingham (11 March 2007 04:26PM)

Come on Stubbsy!

George Young (11 March 2007 04:25PM)

We're all supporting Ray all the way. I think Angellica will be the next to go on Sunday. Gutted that Miranda was second to go. Bring her back!!!

Linda (11 March 2007 04:24PM)

I think Ray should win!! I'm so gutted that Zoë went out!! Richard - thanks for supporting Zoë.

Megz (11 March 2007 03:54PM)

I personally don’t think Zoë should have gone out. It should have been Colin or Fred! Please bring Zoë back in.

Annie Dehaney-Steven (11 March 2007 03:38PM)

I thought Zoë’s performance was incredible. I wanted Zoë to win.

Jan H (11 March 2007 03:34PM)

Shaun has the best voice of all, Ray is brill and improving every time, and truly scrumptious Colin is right on the money.

Anna Hesselden (11 March 2007 03:29PM)

Colin to win - he is absolutely gorgeous.

Nicholas Morrison (11 March 2007 02:48PM)

Thoroughly enjoying the show, seeing them all improve. Thrilled to see Mel in it, my favourite female comedian. This is more about participation than winning and it is showing us all that we can improve with practise, which does not mean just singing, but with other skills and good guidance. Best Wishes to everyone.

Alexander Gallacher (11 March 2007 02:47PM)

Richard Park knows what he's doing. The more he criticises Fred MacAulay, the more the Scots will vote for him. Fred to win.

Caz (11 March 2007 02:42PM)

What a pleasure to see Claudia on front stage instead of behind the scenes. She is a delight - hope we see more of her in the future.

Ellie Cairns (11 March 2007 02:39PM)

The best show so far - Mel falling over was just class. She stole the show for me. Mel to win!

Jacquelina (11 March 2007 02:38PM)

The show is fab. We have been watching each night and see the improvements - Angellica was fantastic, Zoë was brilliant too. Mel was really funny, Ray is amazing and has improved so much. Shaun has a great voice and so does Tricia.

Jan (11 March 2007 02:35PM)

Although Zoë had improved since the start, how could Richard Park prefer her singing to Tricia? Thank goodness Craig and Lesley recognise her talent.

Sue and Bill, Nottingham (11 March 2007 02:34PM)

I think everybody on the show deserves a pat on the back. I have always had a lot of respect for Richard Park, but on this occasion I don't know whether he has completely lost the plot to be persistently voting for the two people who sound as flat as pancakes and totally out of tune just because they look good. Come on Richard, sort yourself out and let's have the constructive and honest evaluation our family know you are capable of.

Sam, Leicester (11 March 2007 02:30PM)

Shaun is by far the best singer, he has an amazing voice. However, let's not forget it is Comic Relief, so Mel is the best by far for comedic entertainment. She never fails to be very funny.

Alice, Essex (11 March 2007 02:25PM)

I want Colin to win. He has the teenage girl vote, and most certainly mine!

Beverley, Warrington (11 March 2007 02:21PM)

I'd like to show my support for Colin and Tara! Not brilliant voices, but very cool, vulnerable and hugely entertaining people...great Comic Relief characters!

Amanda McBride (11 March 2007 02:17PM)

Tim Tim Tim, What happened? As an avid admirer of your work - I 'Whittled' the hours away watching your terrific performances - I was gutted that you were released. Bring Tim back - put him on Saturday night prime time - National Lottery would suit him!

Sarah, Manchester (11 March 2007 12:04PM)

Think the show is fab, I don't normally watch reality tv but somehow got completely hooked. I think it is important that the judges are allowed to be able to give constructive advice about the contestants without the audience shouting them down. To be given advice by greats such as Lesley Garrett - wow!

Carol Cook, Kent (11 March 2007 12:03PM)

I love Fame Academy. It is so refreshing to see the celebrities out of their comfort zones and how they cope, learn and grow.

Shona Connelly (11 March 2007 11:58AM)

The show is brill. I sing along to the songs and dance as well. I think Mel is very funny and Angellica is the best.

Ellie, 10 (11 March 2007 11:51AM)

It's NOT FAIR - Zoe shouldn't have gone out! She was the best!!!

Richard (11 March 2007 11:51AM)

Tricia and Shaun are head and shoulders above the rest. Come on British public, do the right thing, vote for the best.

Lesley Miller & Friends (11 March 2007 11:51AM)

Fred - my ladies class all heard you and are voting for you !!! Keep using your eye brows and keep well hold of your thick skin!?! Just go out & sparkle! We're voting for you...

Shirley Moore (11 March 2007 11:46AM)

Am I watching a different programme to everyone else? I just can't believe that the public are voting for Angellica, Fred and Colin. They are hopelessly out of tune, but get good comments from the judges whereas Shaun gets slammed. Perhaps having a good voice isn't enough.

Katie Andrews (11 March 2007 11:46AM)

Tricia has a very good voice - one of the best, but she hasn't got the entertainer or performer 'thing' in her to make her performance a memorable one. Why is Ray Stubbs getting such great praise, he isn't that great?

Joan (11 March 2007 11:45AM)

I think Tricia and Sean are great and Tara is up there as well.

Neil Mumby, East Yorkshire (11 March 2007 11:45AM)

Tara, I really hope you continue to improve and I hope your confidence continues to grow. You do not need to be embarrassed or disappointed with any of your performances. Keep calm, stay focussed and be sure that whatever the outcome of this year's CRDFA we, the general public, will always love you. I think you are wonderful. It has been a privilege to see more of the real you and not the celebrity façade. Best wishes.

Pat (11 March 2007 11:44AM)

I'd like to see Tara try to rock the audience. I'd love to see her singing something like 'Skater Boy'.

Jo Mussen (11 March 2007 11:43AM)

It's not the same now Tim has gone. So now I'll just be voting for Tara. There's something about her throaty voice & vulnerability that reminds me of Marianne Faithful.

Darren Lawn (11 March 2007 11:42AM)

I want to start the campaign to bring back Tim.

Sarah B (11 March 2007 11:41AM)

Why do the judges always have to be mean to Zoë?

Maria, Exeter (11 March 2007 11:39AM)

Good performance Mel, hope you win!

Hannah (11 March 2007 11:38AM)

I love Colin!! He really does rock and the song he sung tonight sounded beautiful! I'm 12 and I'll love him till I die! Rock on Comic Relief!!

Mavis Harper (10 March 2007 05:29PM)

I think the show is great and the contestants really brave for getting up there every night and giving their best for Comic Relief. I know they are all celebrities in their own right, but when singing is not what they do for a living it must be very nerve- racking getting up in front of millions of people, and I say well done to each and every one of them.

Catherine Ann Mullan (10 March 2007 05:28PM)

Once again Comic Relief Does Fame Academy has provided us with some real entertainment and fantastic to be raising money at the same time. Keep it up, Stubbsy... commentary of football is never gonna be the same again... and Tara, keep surprising us all!!! Go Mel!

Ann (10 March 2007 05:27PM)

Must say I am impressed with Ray, I assume he has not had acting training/experience like the majority of the other contestants, but he appears to be very confident.

Eamonn Wilde (10 March 2007 05:26PM)

I think Ray is going to WIN.

Sam (10 March 2007 05:26PM)

I would just like to say that we have been watching and really enjoying the show, and even though we know Tara has come from a very privileged background there is something about her that really draws us to her. Every time she sings I get so teary. Please send her our best wishes.

Sid, Watford (10 March 2007 05:26PM)

Tara never fails to move me with her performances. She's unique and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us tonight. Keep voting, folks!

Andy G (10 March 2007 05:22PM)

I would have thought the pre-requisite of a singing contest is to remain in tune. Too many of the contestants are totally out of tune. Only Shaun and Tricia seem to be on the note.


Comments are still flooding in about last night's expulsion from the Academy, with the Tim Vine fans out in force…

Mark (10 March 2007 05:21PM)

How on Earth was Tim Vine voted off Fame Academy? It's right up there with what happened to Lord Lucan and Shergar as far as mysteries go! The most entertaining act by far. Wish you every success in the future.

Eleanor (10 March 2007 05:20PM)

Tim, you ruled, no questions asked!

Jill Ford (10 March 2007 05:20PM)

Bring back Tim - he was robbed.

Sue, North Yorkshire (10 March 2007 05:20PM)

I'm another that can't believe Tim was voted out. Not only funny, he can actually sing! Gobsmacked!!

Elaine Gorrie (10 March 2007 05:19PM)

I was devastated by Tim's exit last night. Tim has provided the most consistently entertaining and talented performances. Zoe's strengths do not lie in singing and although I love Mel, I find that her screeching upper range is becoming really tiresome.

Clive Chapman (10 March 2007 05:18PM)

I'm not a big fan of Tim's comedic style normally, but he was the most versatile and consistent performer of the week who did not fail to deliver.

Amanda, Dorset (10 March 2007 05:17PM)

The poor celebrities had to choose between two of the funniest contestants, who despite not being great vocalists are both great at putting across a performance.

Jacky Wood (10 March 2007 12:47PM)

As well as being great entertainment, it is inspirational to watch the celebrities dealing with their fears as they learn to sing before millions for charity. I admire them all greatly and thank them, especially Tara. She has shown that in a very short time with the right, very positive, support and encouragement and excellent teaching and, of course, her own determination, it is possible to overcome some of these difficulties.
I believe that not only are each of you helping raise a huge amount of money for the many very valuable Comic Relief projects in the UK and overseas, but by allowing us to witness every moment of your journey during this week you are changing people's lives as we watch your singing and performance skills improve daily.

Kevin Brown (10 March 2007 12:44PM)

Zoë Salmon and Angellica Bell - one of you must win because you are really good singers.

Sue Hibberd, East Ham (10 March 2007 12:38PM)

I hope Fred and Mel will both stay in tonight as I think they will be both wonderful on Swing Night. 

Becki Rooney, Kirkintilloch (10 March 2007 12:38PM)

Well done Fred - you’re doing Scotland proud. We are all rooting for you. Keep up the good performances and keep up the good Scottish jokes.

Colin Cunningham (10 March 2007 12:36PM)

Hi, loving the show, could you tell me what song Tara sang Friday night? I really loved it but can't remember what it was called.


The song in question was Another Suitcase in Another Hall. To find out more information and trivia about all the songs performed on the show, click on 'Backstage' on the left toolbar, then head to the Music Room...

Commander James, Cornwall (10 March 2007 12:25PM)

Not a real big fan of Tara, but her song tonight brought back memories of my childhood; she sang it so very well. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed every second.

Paul, Sarah and Samuel (10 March 2007 12:24PM)

Just want to wish Tara all the best. You're doing a great job and we're all behind you one hundred percent.

Gordon Chalmers (10 March 2007 12:23PM)

I've just watched Friday's CRDFA and I'm about to put my foot through my new £800 TV after Richard Park's performance. OK, we know these people are celebs and probably able to take a bad review or unkind comment, but why oh why pick on Tricia and Tara? They were head and shoulders better than the rest of the acts, and gave their best performances of the week with strong material.

Jenny (10 March 2007 12:22PM)

Tricia is so good and doesn't get a fair review from the judges because of her talent. She has a voice that is reminiscent of Lulu.

Anne Marsh (10 March 2007 12:21PM)

How can a panel of supposed judges sit and pick to pieces two great singers like Shaun and Tricia and then tell other entrants like Fred, Angellica and Ray that they are great? The judges should at least give the ones with good voices praise and respect - I think that the two male judges have lost the plot.

Liam Spencer (10 March 2007 12:20PM)

Funny, energetic, talented and tuneful(!) If Mel doesn't win, it’s a travesty! Go Mel! Do your best for Comic Relief! We're voting for you!

The Riley Family, Essex (10 March 2007 12:19PM)

We are gutted that Tim was in the bottom three, and then not to be saved by the judges or the students is shocking. He gave the best performance and has been truly entertaining. We're not sure we can bear to watch another performance by Mel !!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Turner (10 March 2007 12:18PM)

Quite extraordinary that Tim is out. The best performer and best voice on the show by miles. The rest of them are poor by comparison, in some cases barely being able to sing at all.

Luke (10 March 2007 12:17PM)

Purely on entertainment factor Tim and Mel shouldn't even have been in the bottom three.

Honey McKinley (10 March 2007 12:14PM)

I cannot believe Richard choosing Zoe tonight. Tim's performance tonight was fantastic - I'd rather watch him than Elvis performing that number.

Ollie, London (10 March 2007 12:13PM)

Dear Zoe, just a message to say just hang in there you are so fabulous!!

Fiona Osborne (10 March 2007 12:12PM)

I think Shaun should win the whole Fame Academy just on that song. I would like to hear Richard sing a song to prove he has the right to tell other people that they can or cannot sing.

Saran (10 March 2007 12:11PM)

I think Shaun was the best because I love the song. He was fabulous, confident, brave and stunning.

Ang (10 March 2007 12:10PM)

Go on Ray, you rock.

Hayley (10 March 2007 12:09PM)

I think Angellica should win because she has flair and she dances around the most.

Rowena Stedman (10 March 2007 12:09PM)

I'm gutted Rowland went out in the first show - he's fab! Bring back Rowland.

Bina, Hertfordshire (10 March 2007 11:57AM)

I can't believe Tim, the barmy-but-brainy-woman's crumpet, is really off the show.

Angela, Chris, Johanna, Christian, Alexander & Stella from Cheam (10 March 2007 11:56AM)

We can't believe that Tim’s been voted out - he was the best singer and the most entertaining to watch! Nice as they are, Fred was awful and Colin not much better.

Ian Hamilton (10 March 2007 11:55AM)

Tricia Penrose is in fact the only natural singer among them and I do hope that the great British public will recognise her talent...and also the incredulity of the opinion of the judges, who continually do her down.

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