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Morgan Kelly

The wheeling-dealing bad lad in Falcon Beach (Lane) is just misunderstood according to the actor who plays him, Morgan Kelly. Read on to hear more about the shy guy who plays the baddie, and get the gossip about the real life 'Tanya and Lane' love story...

Can you just talk to us about what it was like to make the show?

It was a wonderful experience, probably one of the best I've had so far. I'm still good friends with the cast and I'm dating Tanya so that's cool.

How romantic, that's Devon in real life?

Yeah (laughs)

So Falcon Beach is about a group of friends all going through loves and losses and growing up in these beautiful surroundings. Was it anything like your teen years?

No, not at all. I grew up in Montreal and stayed there and took swimming lessons all summer. It wasn't like Falcon at all.

Can we talk about your character, Lane Bradshaw, he's seen as a bad boy. Do you think that that's fair?

He comes off as a bad boy but he's not. There's a reason why he does everything, you know? He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about his father. He loves his mother, falls head over heals with Tanya and is protective over his sister. He has good qualities and bad qualities, but (the bad ones) are what people see. He struggles.

Now let's talk about on set. You obviously got together with your girlfriend, but did you get on really well with anyone else?

I get on really well with Steve. He plays Jason Tanner. We're are still in touch in Toronto. He's a great guy.

You're about to get well known in England, have you ever been to this country?

Yeah I've been there twice, as my father's from there. I haven't been there since I was twelve but I loved it. I loved the culture.

Can we talk a little bit more about Devon?

I'm pretty shy. I'm not an outgoing person, but you know when you spend so much time with someone in intimate settings, you develop a friendship faster than you would in normal life. It's like summer camp and it develops faster.

Me and Devon and our characters were always in situations where we were kissing and in bed, things were accelerated to say the least. I'd say by the end of season one, we knew we had a strong connection.

Were there any moments when you were filming that were particularly powerful or fun?

I really enjoyed the later episodes. Ten, eleven and twelve were my favourite ones as there was a lot of action in those, without giving too much away...

Lane Bradshaw

Morgan Kelly, who plays Lane Bradshaw in Falcon Beach.

On Tanya: "I'm pretty shy, but in intimate settings you develop a friendship faster than you would in normal life"

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