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Ephraim Ellis & Melissa Hadad

The sweetest and most lovable couple in Falcon Beach (come on, who could deny it?), AKA Danny & Erin, spared us some time to talk about shooting the show, and gave us the inside scoop on their relationship. Plus, scroll down to the bottom to find out if they're really going to leave town at the end of series one.

Ephraim, is it fair to say you have less luck with the ladies than Jason?
Ephraim: Only slightly less successful with the ladies. Danny is basically your archetypal nice guy. He's a little bit less forward with girls than Jason. He's very romantic and idealistic. I think its one of the sweeter stories in the show actually and something that a lot of our younger male viewers will identify with.
Melissa: Danny is like the sweetest character ever. He's loving, he grew up with insecurities, but for him it's pretty much about having the bravery to tell me he has a crush on me. It's really about making yourself vulnerable and putting yourself out there and I think that's a great thing.

And what about Erin?
Melissa: Erin is definitely strong, but she has the best intentions at heart. She doesn't always know how to deal with things and or make the right decisions but she has a good heart. Sometimes her decisions do get her into a lot of trouble though. You never know what life is going to throw at you, right? She falls and she falls and she falls but she always lands on her feet. She may make mistakes but she definitely learns something in the end.

How was it working together?
Ephraim: Yeah working with Melissa was fantastic. I'd done some fairly decent guest starring roles on television, but it was both of our first big starring acting roles so we learnt a lot and progressed a lot as actors. It was really neat to be able to work alongside each other and form the characters together.

Were there any funny stories or memories from filming at that time…
Ephraim: There were a bunch of days when we had to go out on the water and film a lot of wakeboarding scenes and me and Steve were on the water and we were waiting to set up another shot and we were both suddenly faced with this beautiful vista of a lake and we shared a look and we said to one another, 'Is this what we do for a living? This is amazing, how did we get here? We are sitting out here on a lake doing fun stuff and we get paid for it. It's amazing!'
Melissa: My six cast mates were pretty much the best actors you could ever ask to work with. I can't think of any people I would rather get in to trouble with actually!

So do you have any romantic stories from the set? Any secret crushes or snogs...
Melissa: Of course! But anybody who is interested in this can pretty much find it out on the internet. There was definitely some lovey dovey stuff going on, on set, yeah.

Have you ever been to the UK?
Ephraim: I'm actually a student as well as an actor and I've thought about doing the student thing and travelling the world for the next couple of years. I'd like to come to London and England for a significant length of time.

What are you studying?
Ephraim: I'm an English and philosophy major at the University of Toronto.

So, are you still acting or are solely studying?
Ephraim: Well the programme I am in at university allows me to scoot off for various lengths of time to do the acting thing.

It's often a fine balance combining hobbies with school. Have you got any tips on how you manage to balance your life between studies and acting?
Ephraim: I've had lots of interesting conversations with professors like 'So, uh, I'm not going to be in class for the next for months as I have a job (laughs), but generally people have been really understanding and it hasn't been as tough as I thought it might be. It's definitely possible and it's something that is worth balancing.

Really encouraging, great. We are all really enjoying the show...
Ephraim: Thanks. I realised our show was going to be on the BBC and I was like 'Yay!'

SPOILER: Erin and Danny leave for Vancouver at the end of series one, but don't worry: they are set to return in series two!

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Danny and Erin, AKA Ephraim and Melissa

Danny Ephraim and Melissa Hadad, AKA Danny & Erin

On filming: "There was definitely some lovey dovey stuff going on, on set, yeah!"

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