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Drop Zone

Eight teams face a series of physical and mental challenges in six of the world's most exciting locations. Don't come last, or the Drop Zone chopper will leave you behind.

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Broadcast Sun, 19 Dec 2010, 15:25 on BBC One (except Scotland) but not available on BBC iPlayer.

6/6. The last three teams face the harshest environment and toughest terrain yet in Vietnam.


Drop Zone Final: Sunday 19th December

Eight teams of three compete against each other in a knockout race to escape from a range of urban and natural zones around the globe. Hosted by Steve Jones, this series will see the teams of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, dropped into a series of stunning locations across the world from the Isle of Skye to the Far East.

The competitors have just one aim – a two day race to a specified departure point within each Drop Zone in the fastest possible time before flying to the next leg of the competition. They have no idea where they will be dropped or what challenges they face to but to stay in the race, each team must work together to get out of each ‘drop zone’ ahead of their rivals.

They will face challenges inspired by the culture and environment they are in. Whether diving underwater or racing rickshaws for clues, each task is designed to test the strength of their bonds and the resourcefulness of each individual.

The series is supported by the ThrillSeeker campaign, a BBC Learning initiative working in collaboration with partners across the UK to offer adventure based activities for everyone.

Presenter Steve Jones

2010 has been a very busy year for Steve. He has travelled to various countries including Vietnam and Austria for the new BBC1 Series Drop Zone; has ventured up the Amazon with his brothers for the Sky One special Jones Brothers Amazon Adventure. Mexico was the next on the list for a Nat Geo/BBC3 one off Wedding Crashers, and on to Argentina to film BBC1’s amazing new game show, 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow.

Steve’s original sense of humour and ability to get the very best out of people made him perfect presenter material and his first presenting job was hosting The Pop Factory for ITV Wales. Seeing his potential he was then offered a slightly terrifying role in 99 things to do before you die for Channel5 – which saw Steve being thrown over a waterfall in a barrel and trying his hand as being a rodeo clown. Amazingly he survived all 99 “things” and proved that nothing was going to get in the way of being a presenter

His next main role was on a show where he is perhaps most fondly known - the Channel4 weekend show “T4”. Steve leads the presenting team at T4 where he co-hosts ‘T4’ Sundays with Rick Edwards, Jameela Jamil and Miquita Oliver.

Steve has shown his versatility in his work by presenting four series of the music show Transmission, hosted Bafta coverage for E! Entertainment, Let’s Dance for BBC1 during Comic/Sport Relief, the exciting Sky One series Guinness World Records Smashed and the comedy panel show As Seen on TV for BBC1.

The Teams

The teams went through a tough selection process, based on character, strength and unity. An orienteering event at Kingswood Warren tested their mapping skills (or lack of) and challenged the teams both physically and mentally. However, 8 teams luckily made the cut and entered into the world of Drop Zone.

All’s go go go as the teams prepare for their day of challenges

The action kicks off at each location, from the wild Isle of Skye and majestic Austrian mountains to the beautiful beaches of Greece and chaotic streets of Turkey. How will the teams survive in the humid and harsh terrains of Thai jungles and in the remote backwaters of Vietnam?

The teams have a rare moment of relaxation before embarking on the next challenge…

The team’s challenges push them to the max, testing both their mental and physical abilities in building rafts, sourcing rare ingredients in foreign markets, navigating through deep jungles, and haggling with vendors at the Turkish Grand Bazaar. The teams struggle to find some rare moments when they can relax and take in their surroundings before embarking on their next adventure.

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