You Be The Judge!

You be the Judge

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Level 1 is the Cha cha cha. This dance is supposed to be fun, sexy and flirtatious.
First, Harry and Michelle dance the New Yorker.
Next up, it’s James and Caroline’s turn. Caroline kicks over James’s head and he ducks underneath it.
Finally, it’s Paul and Heather’s turn to dance with a chase turn.

Level 2 is the tango which is a passionate, aggressive, staccato dance.
First up are Carolyne and Martin, who performs several kicks.
Next up, it’s Diana and Mark with some spins.
Finally, Simone and Kevin do the curly cue

Level 3 is the Foxtrot, a dance that requires grace, elegance and continuity
First on are Diana and Mark with the opening to their foxtrot.
Next, James and Caroline take to the stage again to perform the zipper move through to a grapevine,
Finally, James and Caroline dance the feather and 3 step.

Level 4 is the Rhumba, a Latin dance that should be beautiful, romantic and sensual
First off Diana and Mark do some turns.
Next up are Paul and Heather.
Finally Simone and Kevin do the Rhumba walk to an extending line.

Level 5 is the Paso Doble a dance that’s full of aggression and power, the dance of the matador
Di and Mark start us off with a challenging sequence
Di and Mark then perform a daring jump and lift
Finally James and Caroline perform, and Caroline dances the slash, a movement where she falls to the floor

Level 6 is the Viennese Waltz, a dance that requires a tremendous amount of grace and elegance, and continuous rotation around the floor.
Harry and Michelle are first with a big lift.
Next up are James and Caroline with a run around and close up
James and Caroline – runaround to a closed change
Finally it’s Simone and Kevin performing ‘Ron Days’
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