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English National Ballet

One of the UK's leading ballet companies, founded in 1950 by Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin.

English National Ballet

User comments

Angie Bond
Absolutely breath taking. It was a performance that everyone could relate to and enjoy. For me they could have topped the bill.Excellent

Very beautiful & moving performance...

Rosemary McAndrew-Feeny
As a mother of a very enthusiastic 7 year old ballet student it was wonderful to sit and watch this beautiful performance with her and to relate to Diana's passion for dance.

How wonderful to include this in a concert. I thought it was beautiful. Have seen the full ballet at the Albert Hall. This snippet was a lovely reminder

susan m. greenway
as I expected plus a little more...what a marvellous performance..myself, n my family three young adults..were greatly moved..brill.. @--;--

Maria Hampson
I agree the camera shots spoiled it for me too. However overall a joy to watch, best applause of the day.

Pete clack
Inspired,wonderful and a joy to watch.Thanks to every dancer this was pure magic.

Gaby, the Netherlands
It isn't my favorite ballet (that's The Nutkracker), but it was lovely to see how it blended in with the more "modern" performances.

Wonderful, moving performance. So lovely to see something so refreshigly different at what was really a 'pop' concert.

I thought that it was going to be rubbish, but it was excellent!

I'm sure it was a great performance for the audience, but like Jeff said, very poor direction meant that the tv viewers were left slightly dizzy.

A real breath of fresh air Should do it more often at events like this rather than being tied to a trumped up theather

Richard Caswell
Interestingly, The English National Ballet received, deservedly, the biggest and longest reception of a very mixed bag, the corps de ballet were nothing short of sensational. Ballet and Musicals knocking everyone else into a cocked hat!!

Wonderful, breathtaking. A joy to watch. Made me proud to be British.

awesome,no wonder Diana loved the ballet

This performance was fantastic, a taste of ballet for everyone and I loved it. We were in the top section of the stadium and the view was superbe, you could really grasp the whole beauty of the performance. Ballet needs to go out in the open!!!

I thought it was spellbinding, brilliant

carole whitman

Jeff Moores
Would have been fantastic had we had a wide shot of the dance. The camera shots kept switching and flicking around the stage we did not see one jump and had no sight of the correography.... totally ruined it for the tv viewer... a shame as the ordiance told us though the raptuous applause that it was fantastic.

Fantastic Performance

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