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Elton John

Grammy and Academy Award-winning English singer, composer and pianist, widely thought of as one of the greatest artists of all time.

Elton John

User comments

Angie bond
Loved Sir Eltons opening performance. Was disappointed with his closing . All the same his performance as always was superb.would have liked him to have done a softer ballad to close.

The chorus to Elton John was particularly brilliant!

Paul Richardson
What better way to kick off, and finish the concert with one of Diana's friend's, Elton John. overall it was a fantstic concert, I just know that Diana would have loved every minuete of it.


Too much of him and not very good either

Gaby, the Netherlands
Still rockin'! Great performance, although I would have liked to hear Candle in the Wind one more time. Okay, it would have been very emotional, but not all tears are bad....

Did elton perform "candle in the wind" i dont think he did..y?

A true star.. beginning and end.. well done

Heather Spencer
I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind.......... Brilliant. Please pass onto Elton that I have always admired his tenacity and his "easy listening" entertainment, he is a natural, he is one from my era - the old school (except I am older than he is - LOL), but a brilliant concert.I live in Australia and while I am writing this, the concert is being shown on our television here in Adelaide.Please ask Elton to relay to Princes William and Harry how must I admired (and still do admire) their mother, she was the "normal" one in the Royal Family - the most perfect "English Rose", she was the most down to earth one of the Royal Family and most of all she was "My Princess of Wales" as I was born in Cardiff even though I grew up in Slough, she was a fantastic role model to every mother, she brought her boys up in as normal an environment as she could under the circumstances. You two boys William and Harry have done your Mum proud, if you were my sons and I was looking down from Heaven as your Mummy would have been, I would have a tear in my eye because I would be sooooo proud of you both. Well Done, Congratulations on a wonderful concert. We will always remember Diana with love, admiration and will cherish the memories she left behind. She did not die in vain, she taught us all so much.Regards and love and a big hug to William and HarryHeather Spencer - Mum of 3, grandmother of 5 - God Bless xxxx

Pam Case
I was very disappointed by Elton Johns' performance at the end of the concert. The last two songs he chose to play did not, in my opinion, lift the crowd at all - in fact as we sat in the stalls we could see people leaving. It did appear to be the only time throughout the day when we weren't really involved, no one was clapping or waiving arms, that coupled with the video of Elton John and his rise to fame in the background (played TWICE) left me feeling that it was more a performance to put him back into the spotlight than a tribute to Diana.

time to give up the day job- terrible performance

it's fabulous!

i think Elton John's performance was as always fantastic... i have admired this man since forever... he's a brilliant and very talented artist...

andy hayes
A toe curling embarassment.Sunday viewing ruined,thank god I have Sky.

ant johnson
totally rocked the joint real wacked out gig

Robert E
Amazing, still the worlds top performer, no body out classes him.

Jenny Rodham
Elton I love you!!!!!!!!!

Jenny Rodham
Elton I love you!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Langdon
Absolutely brilliant the man is a genius

Eleanor M Coker
Brilliant as usual - but we were all waiting for Candle in the Wind...

Paul Roberts
Absolutely excellent, a true showman

i was a nice concert but the finale wasn't so good

Why didn't Elton sing Candle in the wind at the end? That would surely have been a fitting finale.

Harry Key
Elton John was the best of a dreadful and cringe-making bunch.The whole show was awful.Even Elton was pathetic by his own standards.

Really disappointed with Elton's choice of songs at the end. Where was Rocket Man? Crocodile Shoes? And all his other crowd pleasers? I was there and people were leaving during his songs rather than staying on for the supposed ultimate finale. It should've ended with Take That - they were great!

Craig Bond
Elton was ok but his ending to the show was not great, Rod Stewart was by far the best performer.

Johnny B
Good performance, but should have played candle in the wind at the end!

alan R
Your Song to open was great but the final set was very disappointing why didn't he finish with "Candle in the wind" I'm sure thats what most people were expecting

Complete waste of space

paulette robinson
I thought the openeing was good, but would have liked to hear 'Candle in the Wind' - either version - to finish off

A fantastic entertainer, as always, but why did he not close with Candle in the wind?

Hari Seldon
He looked terrible. He played awful, making mistakes and his voice was rough. He let the Princes down. Worst, he was very unprofessional. But what should be expect?

Wonderful! Wish he had been able to play longer.

Joey B!
Great opening!

I am really sorry to say this but I did not enjoy the performance of Elton John at all. I was there on the pitch and his was the only act that had no support from the audience. The video played in the background was all about him whereas the other performers had mainly graphics and it was a very lack lustre and disappointing ending to what was a fab day. Elton should have apologized for keeping everyone waiting and thanked Ricky Gervais for doing his best at filling the gap and then performed some upbeat tracks that everyone could sing along to or dance to and then ideally finish with Candle in the Wind. Now if Rod Stewart had finished with "We are sailing" we would have all been dancing out of the stadium. It was a great day though.

James Wyatt
I thought that Elton's performance of 'Are you ready for love' was of the highest order, however, I thought that it would have been nice for all the artists to have returned to collaborate with a song altogether to commemorate Diana as a finale.

matthew eglinton
elton was amazing! i saw him only a few weeks ago and his suits were fantastic and the songs were fantastic! he gave that special something to the concert, for the memory of a remarkable lady, princess diana. RIP lots of love xxxxxxx

I enjoyed Elton's performance as usual but thought he was going to sing Candle In The Wind as well :-(

elton gets better every time you see him fantastic tonight

Final songs was pretty awsome. Weldone to all the artists took part; especially Elton.

Jordan McDowell
He echoed the magic and amazment that the atmosphere of the whole night's preformances had. A truly remarkable effort and creative way to mark the life and death of one of this planet's most treasured people. Congratulations boys, you've done her and the nation proud, I'm sure.

Matthew Rowe
Simply amazing.

Dave Gosling
Really thought it was all set up, for Elton to sing 'Candle in the Wind', the 97 version, he sang at Diana's funeral. Would have closed the show, perfectly.But still a great show.

Superb performance by Elton. Crocodile Rock was cut owing to the technical delay, but otherwise a great upbeat end to a fantastic concert.

elton was wonderful,as usual,however i was dissappointed he did'nt sing candle... but all in all a great concert, i'm sure diana would have been very proud of her son's...we will never forget her.

Felix Luther
Nice performance but was I the only one that thought all the photos of him and his past glories, that were played on the screen behind him, was self centred and bad taste considering it was a concert for Diana and her memory?

Jason Lawley
elton john deffinitely ended the show with a superb performance of songs, which were fun, beautiful and cool just like diana

what happened to candle in the wind at the end...... or did I miss it?

John Macallister
Where was "Candle in the Wind"? We were promised a spectacular dazzling finale. At the end people just drifted off as if from an unsatisfactory football match.

Jonathan Eades
Enjoyable show dispite sound problems with the BBC. Elton opened the show with style, yet it was closed with an anti-climax. I, along with many others I am sure was hoping to hear Candle in the Wind. Bravo to Wills and Harry.

Shame on whoever was responsible for producing this event. You can't blame the Princes - I'm referring to the actual TV coverage, which was full of 'dead air'. Did anyone know what was going on? I hope Diana wasn't watching.

Paul Aijtink
It was a great and impressive show, that the sons of Diana and Prince Charles brought to a worldwide audience. All the artist -eventhough not all to my liking- were giving their best. I think that Elton should have song his Hymne to Diana there, eventhough he has said he would never sing it again. A pity he did not, as it would now have been the greatest tribute to a wonderfull mother, woman and princess....

The best party in town!

ok, nothing to write home about.The whole concert was absolutely amazing. The best thing on tv in years.

Sir Elton JohnWhas Fantastic a icoonfrom this Shows

Graham Morgan
superb performance.I've not been very impressed with Elton's performances of late but this one put him back on top and how I remember him from when I saw him in 1975 at his 1st Wembley (old stadium) appearance. Elton well done!!!!

Stephen Miller
What happened at the end? The show was great but the tv production was shoddy! Where was candle in the wind?

Stunning. Excellent choice of songs. Thought 'Take That' would steal it but ELton showed why he's considered by many to be one of the best live performers ever. Excellent end to a very good concert.

Cathy Titterington
What a true superstar Elton is. We were treated to a first class performance from a true music icon. I salute you.

carole whitman
stunning!!!! You made us all proud Lovecx

i agree with sentiment of this occasion,but most of acts awful.with exception to supertramp,bryan ferry,rod and elton.

Wendy Bradley
Elton John is the ultimate performer, fab singer and pianist - outshone everyone else

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