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Bryan Ferry

English musician famed for his sartorial elegance who rose to fame in the 1970s as frontman of the group Roxy Music.

Bryan Ferry

User comments

Cheryl Willis
what style, a real class act,whee is the second song to be found?

Angie Bond
A performance that offered continuity and interest.

We need more beds! Nursing home beds I mean. Another act who struggled to get the words out- even with the lyrics clearly visible on a music stand infront of him!When will these acts come to terms with their advancing years and retire gracefully?

Bloody brilliant, but what was the second song

second song bryan ferry sang is called make you feel my love.

Bryan Ferry was brilliant, I particularly liked the second song and would also like to know which CD it is on, can anyone help

Brian Bower
Classy, great performance. But what is the name of the second song he sang. I love it

Ellen Lewis
What was the name of the second song Bryan Ferry Sang please

Morag Clarke
Bryan was amazing and certainly got everyone on their feet. Glad to see he hasn't lost his touch!

Liz P
Bryan was fantastic and oozes charisma!!

I thinkk the song is form cinderella and originally sung by garth brookes. where to find brians sublime version???

carrie randall
i must say for an old chap he performed in fantastic style with his usual sexual flaboince x x x

Brian Ferry-excellent. Chris Harlow I think the song you mean is on his recent cd of Bob Dylan songs called Dylanesque.Well worth a listen

BF was amazing, he stole the show imo. The 3 songs he played wereSlave to LoveMake you Feel My Love (from his new album Dylanesque)and Let's Stick Together.He's still the coolest guy in music.

Aileen Blake
He has a nerve getting on stage with such talent. He can't sing!

Jo A
Chris Harlow - think his second song was "make you feel my love" on the Dylanesque cd.

Nick L
To Chris Harlow - the second song is Make You Feel My Love off the Dylanesque album. I agree with you, Ferry's rendition of this Dylan song was something else.

Simon Thomas
Outstanding perormance and great outfits on the catwalk during his first song.

Hi - I think the second song from Mr Ferry was his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" - though I may be wrong!

Jon Hopwood
What was his second song called?

I've been searching for his second song, and can't find it either..... does anyone know the title? He seemed genuinely moved and i was in tears too!

tracy s
i had forgotten how stylish and classy Bryan Ferry is. I would also love to know what the second song he sang was. superb!

wendy smiley
I loved the second song, what is it called?

Paul Rees
Absolutely fantastic. I would love to know the title of the song he sung after Slave to Love. This guy is like a vintage wine

seems no-one can say what that 2nd song was...

please can u tell me what the second song was ... i was in tears by the end of it! He was awesome

Ditto Chris Harlow's comment - have searched internet for Bryan Ferry's second song - what was it - more info please , title, album?

Julie Shaw
The best act of the evening - a polished and classy performance. Does anyone know the title of the second and most truly beautiful song? song

Fantastic performance and so exciting.

Janet Cairns
Fantastic, as usual!

Jennifer Wheeler
Bryan Ferry was once again fantastic and one of the most amazing, classy acts for the concert in memory of such a wonderful person!

2nd song is "make you feel my love" from CD Dylanesque..

2nd song is "make you free my love" from CD Dylanesque..

B Diddy
U've got to be kidding. Whot a warshed up hasbeen

Ferry performed Slave To Love, Make You Feel My Love & Let's Stick Together. He was AWESOME

Gill Ashwell
Bryan Ferry was simply brilliant. The second song also reduced me to tears. It's by Bob Dylan - called "Make you feel my Love" and is on Bryan Ferry's new album "Dylanesque". What a great artist!

Glasgow Girl
'Make You Feel My Love' was the great song Bryan Ferry sang.

Pierre Tooley
I thought he was appalling, did everybody else watch the same performance?

Sue Davis
Fantastic! Trying to find the title of the second song Brian sang.

pete clack
Absolute class,Bryan at his very best with a great band and great songs..brilliant.

first song was slave to love, second song i dont know but if anyone does know please post it, and the third song was lets stick together, it was fantastic to watch and he is as good today as he ever was.

mark holden
bryan ferry-back with a bang, lost track of him over the past couple of years, thought he was superb,brilliant interpretations of songs chosen.recognised most tracks and would love to get the tracks i hadn't heard before,can you put out playlists for individual performers. thanks for a great event.

Russ Eagle
He was excellent. But I would like to know the name of the ballad that he did at the concert - anyone?

fantastic quality performance from Brian and his musicians, exciting and sounded great, one of the best of the night

Brian Ferry was amazing, as usual, which cd did his second song come from, please ?

Jennie Connolly
Bryan was fantastic and sounded as good as he did in my heyday! Loved the slow track.. it moved me to tears. What was the title?

William Dewberry
brilliant = with rod

Brian was as magical and magnificent as ever. Please could you tell me the title of the second song he sang. I believe it was something like 'To feel my love' and can I buy a copy, as I thought the song was wonderful!!

Janet Cairns
Bryan was fantastic! Always is!!!

mike stone
Brillaint performance by Ferry , showing the style and class that we have come to expect.

HiI have found that fabulous second song that Bryan Ferry sang, for all those that are interested. It's called 'Make you feel my love' and it is on his latest CD Dylanesque.What a fabulous concert and a great night.Take care

Absolutely fantastic. What is the name of the second song he sang, it was beautiful. I sat there and cried my eyes out. Where can I get it, what cd is it on?

Absolutely fantastic. What is the name of the second song he sang, it was beautiful?

Andrew Dickinson
Wonderful set,probably the highlight of the concert. What was the name of his second song?

Chris Harlow
Brian Ferry was amazing his second song reduced me to tears what cd is it on

ron snedker
what songs did ferry sing

Absolutely brilliant and by far the highlight of the Concert! Still as good as he ever was.

Nick Lynch
Bloody awesome! Bryan still oozes more class than anyone.

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