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7 February 2011
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About The TV show

The National Lottery Come & Have a Go - About The TV Show

National Lottery Come & Have A Go is a live, Saturday night entertainment quiz show where the audience at home can genuinely join in.

Take part and you could be in the studio next week with the chance to win the £50,000 jackpot.

The Show
Live in the studio, 10 teams of two challengers try to win the £50,000 jackpot. All the teams are among the best scoring players in the UK from last weekend. The best overall team of the night gets to play for the jackpot. There can only be one top team. The only question is, will it be you?

How Do I Get To Play on the TV Show?
The ten teams in the studio played along with the previous week's show. They are all top scorers who gained a high enough score playing at home.

How Can I Join In?
Anyone can play along with the show on mobile (text & download), Satellite, Freeview or the web. There’s a practice game available on the website too. If you are playing to win a place on the show and go for the jackpot cash prize, then you must be over 16 years of age and a UK resident.

Basic Format
Ten teams of two who played along at home the previous week are welcomed into the studio. Julian announces the group of ten teams – these are the teams who scored the highest playing along at home last week.

The Game Play – Round One
The first 8 questions, all multiple choice.
Julian’s quiz mistress Emily asks the questions – Julian reiterates that these are for people playing at home, the studio audience and the ten teams in his ‘Punters Pit’. At the end of eight questions – Julian announces which of the four teams out of the ten in the Punters’ Pit have made it through to Round Two. (This will be the four top scoring teams – in the event of a tied score it will be the teams who answered fastest that go through.)

The Game Play – Round Two
There are a series of a further eight multiple choice questions (which will be played along interactively by home players too). After each question the correct answer will be announced and Julian will say who got it right and who got it wrong. (One point is given for a correct answer, but the scores will not be given until the end of the round.) At the end of the round, in a dramatic reveal, the two teams with the highest scores will go through to Round Three, the Head to Head. In the event of a tie, again it will be which team answered their questions the quickest.

Thunderball Draw
Host Julian Clary introduces the live Thunderball Draw between Round One and Round Two.

Round Three – the Head to Head
The two teams who won through from Round Two now have to answer eight multiple choice questions alternately i.e. they face four questions each. For each correct answer one point is awarded. However, if they get a question wrong their score goes back down to £500.
After eight questions, the team with the highest score goes through to the Jackpot Game. In the unlikely event of a tie, a sudden death question – fingers on buzzers – will be asked.
Note: Rounds One, Two and Three have a total of 24 questions. All the questions are 4 option multi-choice supported by a video clip, a still picture or an audio clip. Questions are all general knowledge. These are the same questions the audience playing along at home answer. The question and answers appear at once, and this is the cue for the 4 interactive services to enable answers to be taken. The time allowed to answer will be 15 seconds. The teams enter their answers into a keypad unit. Their scores and response time will be monitored. Sudden death questions are not multiple choice and are for the studio teams only, not for the home players.

The Lotto Draw and Lotto Extra
Host Julian Clary introduces the live Lotto Draw and Lotto Extra before the Jackpot game.

The Jackpot Game
The Jackpot Game is a frenetic race against the clock for this week’s top team and is tied in to the Lotto draw. The winning team have to answer a sequence of general knowledge questions against the clock, which runs down from two minutes to zero. Every time the team answer a question correctly they move up a step on the money ladder, getting closer to the £50,000, but as they race to try to get to the top, they have to beware of answering incorrectly, as they will drop back down to £500.
The steps on the ladder are determined by the balls drawn from the Lotto. For example if the Lottery balls were (in ascending order) 1, 3, 21, 24, 32 and 40, then the steps on the money ladder would correspond with £1,000, £3,000, £21,000, £24,000, £32,000 and £40,000. The top of the ladder, the Jackpot, is always £50,000.
The Jackpot Game ends when the team either gets to the top of the ladder to claim the £50,000 jackpot or when the two minutes is up. If this is the case, which ever rung they have reached when the time runs out, that is the money they take home…even if that is just £500!

About Julian

Julian Clary the host

He's your host with the very most.
Meet Julian Clary.

Quiz Rooms

Quiz Rooms

Practise quiz skills with friends in
Quiz Rooms.

Winners Take All

Winners Take All

From £500 to £50,000 - who hit the jackpot?

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