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Gillian risks everything - her reputation, friendship and even her life, on a quest for her deepest obsession - the greatest sword in history. Steeped in Arthurian legend and the poetry of Tennyson, Karen Magwilde's quest to find the sword of King Arthur became an obsession that drove her mad. Gillian needs to end this quest. She must come to terms with her relationship with Viv and the mysterious man who has been trying to contact her, Henry Timberdyne.

But when well-funded and media-aware archaeologist Michael Gift and his team dig up part of Arthur's round table in Somerset and evidence suggests that it points to the resting place of King Arthur's sword, Gillian's obsession is reignited. Kevin Schaffer, who tipped off the team about the find, is found dead. Gillian begins to drive her loyal team away. She fires Viv and watches Gregory leave when she refuses to listen to his words of caution about Timberdyne and the Disciples of Good Use. Haunting visions of a younger Karen and a man with a white mask flood back to Gillian. The Disciples were the start of Karen's calamity - will they also drive her mad? When Ben suggests that Gillian has drawn a white mask on the wall of her secret room she pushes her last ally away.

The Arthurian connection proves to be a dead end and Gift's body is found mutilated. Henry Timberdyne and the Disciples interrogate Viv while Gillian turns to Mastiff to help her decode Karen's research on Tennyson's poetry.

Will Gillian's brilliant mind and life's research be enough to find Tennyson's Gleam? And can she reunite her team on this quest?

Written by: Matthew Graham

Created by: Matthew Graham & Ashley Pharoah

Produced by: Rhonda Smith

Directed by: Iain B MacDonald

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