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Total impact = 15148.871 tonnes of C02 per year

Action Name Total impact (tonnes of C02 per year)
Asc | Desc
Drying clothes outside 620.9
Washing your clothes at 30 degrees 81.0
Recycling 708.4
Switching-off standby 72.3
Cycling and walking instead of driving 1981.0
Using dress sense 98.3
Reusable bags 6.9
Home composting 115.3
Keep your fridge-freezer clean and ice-free 12.2
Cutting down on meat and dairy 373.6
Eat fewer prawns (and scrimp on the shrimp) 1.1
Stopping junk mail 4.3
Switching to energy-saving bulbs 149.7
Using your radio 15.4
Opting for a laptop computer 111.0
Trains and buses 728.6
Climate-friendly gardening 98.5
Holidaying in the UK instead of overseas 345.4
Taking showers 156.4
Buying seasonal, local foods 854.7
Fuel-efficient driving 204.6
Learn how to use your heating controls 223.8
Growing-your-own 32.6
Energy-efficient cooking 31.9
Using less peat 6.6
Exercising outdoors 59.4
Skip a long-haul flight 1148.1
Buying local, sustainable wood 51.3
LEDs (Light emitting diodes) 145.8
Choosing energy-efficient appliances 145.2
Fitting thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) 42.7
Fitting double glazing 344.1
Using a toilet water-saving device 1.3
Upgrade your loft insulation 379.1
Fitting a hot water tank jacket 61.0
Visiting Europe by train instead of plane 154.4
Switching to a diesel car 213.6
Fitting radiator panels 27.1
Using energy-saving meters 22.0
Eating 'Amazon-friendly' soya 88.5
Installing an A-rated condensing boiler 256.4
Draught-proofing 43.4
Low-emission TV 5.4
Buying fewer new things 263.0
Fitting a solar water heater 85.1
Breast feed 33.4
Using a solar powered phone charger 0.5
Fitting cavity wall insulation 176.2
Eating less rice 10.0
Fitting a low-power shower 72.0
Car-sharing 140.8
Insulating hot water pipes 13.7
Choosing reusable nappies 10.9
Fitting solar panels to your roof 191.4
Biomass stove 171.0
Low-carbon partying 11.7
Living with friends or lodgers 400.0
Installing a biomass boiler 492.9
Switching to an effective 'green' electricity tariff 15.0
Switching to organically farmed food 0.0
Insulating solid walls 348.0
Getting a wind turbine if you live in a windy area 239.7
Barbecuing with sustainable charcoal 7.1
Installing a ground source heat pump 336.0
Fitting secondary glazing 52.0
Foraging for food 145.5
Greening your funeral 12.0
Running your petrol car on liquified petroleum gas (LPG) 39.1
Offsetting emissions 0.0
Buying a small hybrid car 94.2
Joining a quick-hire car club 91.3
Buying an electric car 78.8
Insulate your floor 26.9
Running your car on waste vegetable oil 160.8
Low-carbon wedding 660.0
Building a natural swimming pool 546.0
Running your car on biofuel 0.0
Installing a green roof 0.5
Total: 15148.871 tonnes of C02 per year navigation


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