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75 things you can do to reduce your CO2 emissions


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    What's Bloom?

    Want to tackle climate change, but not sure how to go about it? You need Bloom.

    1. Discover what to do about CO2.

    2. Choose actions to suit you.

    3. Do the actions you've chosen.

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    Bloom Closure

    The decision has been taken to close Bloom. This means that you will still be able to find the website and blog on, but that both will be labelled as archived content and will no longer be updated. Read the full statement.

Green weddings

Having a green wedding

Liz Hurley's wedding produced more CO2 than an average Indian couple would emit in 123 years. Is there a greener way to plight one's troth?

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Background guides

Is it worth recycling? What is fair trade? Take a closer look at the burning issues.

Strange but true

From composting toilets to farting less, find out about some of the whackier things you can do.

UK holidays

Holidaying in the UK

The average Brit is more likely to have visited Barcelona than Bath. With the emissions from flying sky-high, should we be holidaying closer to home?

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What people are saying on Bloom

I used to work on a scallop trawler in the Indian ocean. We were trawling up sea snakes, turtles and even seahorses. Happy crab eating everyone!

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I still wear clothes I bought 20 years ago! And if I need something new I go to a charity shop or rummage through my friends unwanted clothes.
Jon, London

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