Climate change Background guides

Cut through the confusion

Is it worth recycling? What is fair trade? Is organic food just a con?

Take a closer look at the burning issues.

  1. Organic food

    Organic food

    Is organic food really better for us or is it just a con? Take a closer look behind the label

  2. Transport emissions

    Transport emissions

    Planes, trains and cars - which contribute most to the growing concentration of climate change gases?

  3. Recycling


    Despite the increase in doorstep collections, Britain lags other European nations on recycling

  4. Sustainable wood

    Sustainable wood

    Responsible holidays are more popular than ever, but do they really deliver what they promise?

  5. Energy ratings

    Energy ratings

    Buying energy efficient products is easier than ever

  6. Fair trade

    Fair trade

    We now buy more Fairtrade- certified goods than ever. But whatís it all about and who benefits?

  7. Flying


    What is the real climate impact of flying and what can we do about it?

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