About Bloom - reducing your CO2 emissions

Smart choices for the carbon conscious

Want to know what actions can have the biggest impact on your carbon emissions? Bloom helps you choose actions tailored to your home and lifestyle, then lets you compare them by how much CO2 they save, how cheap they are or how easy other Bloomers have found them.

Not convinced? In some cases you're right to be sceptical. Each impartial feature is packed with hard facts, expert opinion and topical debate to help you make informed decisions. We've worked through the complexities for you, so you can keep on top of the issues and get to the bottom of controversies.

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How does Bloom work?

We've studied over 50 things you can do to tackle climate change (with many more to follow soon). Each action is represented by a seed. Our genial gardener will ask questions to identify which ones suit you best. When you find an action you plan to do, or one you've already done, plant the seed and watch it bloom.

Your collection of Blooms shows the progress you've made. Register now to save your progress and get your actions added to our 'Full Bloom' records. This will allow you to compare your actions against other 'Bloomers' all over the UK and beyond.

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About our CO2 figures

The impact of all of our actions is measured in 'CO2 equivalent'. This value includes the combined effects of all the greenhouse gases emitted - like methane, nitrous dioxide and CFCs - making it easier to compare the effects of different actions.

Most figures have been verified by Energy Saving Trust, a not-for-profit organisation funded by the government and private sector. Where necessary we have consulted other leading experts from independent academic and research institutions.

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How accurate are the figures?

In order to allow quick and easy comparisons, our figures are based on average UK households. Our values are based on the assumptions and methodology published by the Energy Saving Trust. Details about specific actions are available in the ratings section of each article by clicking 'About these ratings'. The impact of many actions will vary depending on your circumstances, such as your car's engine or the size of your home.

You can calculate more precise figures for your carbon emissions using the UK government's carbon footprinting website, Act on CO2.

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