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Your book reviews and drawings

Alice Next Door book cover
Alice Next Door by Judi Curtin

I thoroughly enjoyed Alice Next Door because it felt true to real life. I could identify with the characters and it was really nice to hear how true friends stuck together. I think it was lovely to hear about the happy ending. Thank you for putting it on Big Toe Books!  Jocelyn, 12, York

    Big George and The Seventh Knight book cover
    Big George and The Seventh Knight by Eric Pringle

    Big George and The Seventh Knight is very funny and makes me want to hear it again and again and again and again and again. It's fantastic! I laughed so hard that once my tummy started to hurt!  Matilde, 8, Houston, Texas

      Spy Dog book cover
      Spy Dog by Andrew Cope

      I would recommend Spy Dog. It's about a dog called Lara who has to save the day against Mr Big and Archie and Gus - they're some of the biggest criminals in the world. She's a black and white mongrel dog who goes on all sorts of harebrained adventures. The story I've picked out is where she gets the bullet hole in one of her ears. I like it because she goes on spy missions and I'm into spies.  Joshua, 6, Birmingham

        The Land of Green Ginger book cover
        The Land of Green Ginger by Noel Langley

        My favourite book is The Land of Green Ginger by Noel Langley. It's about Emperor Aladdin's son, Abu Ali who - with the help of his loyal friends (an amateur genie and a mouse) - sets out on a quest to win the hand of the beautiful Silver Bud as well as reclaiming the magical Land of Green Ginger. Abu Ali's enemies, the evil princes, Tintac Ping Foo and Rubdub Ben Thud, are trying to stop him from doing so, but often fail in their attempts of sabotage! The story is funny and witty all the way through and I'm sure my description of it hasn't done it justice! Grace, 12, Bedford

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          Every night, my brother and I hop into bed. Our mum gets on the laptop and clicks on Big Toe Books. She asks us to choose which story to listen to. Our favourite story is Dustbin Baby by Jaqueline Wilson. So as I was saying, she puts on the story and she plays it for us till we fall asleep. I love Big Toe! India, 9, Dubai

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          Morris Gleitzman
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