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Britain's Missing
Top Model

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Tuesdays at 9pm

Eight women with disabilities compete to become a mainstream fashion model.

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Alesha: Look But
Don't Touch

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Mon 7 July, 9pm

Alesha Dixon looks at the 21st-century perception of beauty. Why are so many pictures airbrushed?

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Sasha: Beauty Queen
at 11

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Mon 14 July, 9pm

Sasha is about to realise a long-held ambition to become a beauty queen in a U.S. pageant.

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Jamelia: Whose Hair
Is It Anyway?

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Sun 20th July, 9pm

The pop star discovers the truth behind the booming human hair extension business.

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Addicted to Boob Jobs

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Mon 21 July, 9pm

Journalist Louise Roe asks why some women are compelled to make their boobs bigger.

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I'm Kylie's Body Double

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Mon 28 July, 9pm

Meet the agents and scouts who search for body bits that celebrities can call their own.

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Opinion, features and humour reflecting the lives and experiences of disabled people

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