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Bare Facts was a season on the BBC in Spring 2008. Teen Mum High is being repeated this February.

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  • Kim with baby Tyler

    Teen Mum High

    BBC 3: Thurs 5 Feb 2100-2200

    A school where pupils prepare for labour and motherhood, whilst also studying for SATs and GCSEs. Dedicated staff support the girls as they struggle to balance being a teen mum with getting an education.

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  • Carmel

    Abortion: The Choice


    Whether or not to have an abortion might be the biggest decision a woman will ever make, and it's one they will live with for the rest of their lives. In this film women explore their experience of abortion.

  • Arabella Weir

    Virgin Memories


    Everyone remembers the milestone moment that marked their sexual debut. Was it a frantic back–seat fumble, or a tender moment? Well known faces share their virgin memories.

  • Aled Jones

    Good Morning Sunday


    Presenter Aled Jones was joined by Dr Chris Richards, a paediatrician who teaches sex education from a Christian perspective.

  • Jeremy Vine

    The Jeremy Vine Show


    Jeremy Vine discussed 'What is the best way to talk to children about sex?' with Lynette Burrows, author of 'Good Children' and Rosie Kane, a social commentator.

  • Steve Wright

    Steve Wright in the Afternoon


    Let's Talk About Sex continued when Steve Wright presented some special 'facts of life factoids'.

  • Jeremy Vine

    The Jeremy Vine Show


    Radio 2's Let's Talk About Sex campaign began with Jeremy Vine, who was joined by Rachel Morris, author of The Single Parent's Handbook, and women who don't regret being teenage Mums.

Bare Facts

Everything parents ever wanted their children to know about sex, love and relationships but were too embarrassed to tell them

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