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7 February 2011
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Your Animal Rescue Live comments

Reece Dalsania
my family are going to get a manchester terrier puppy that wil be called dj sydney

Sarah Allen
i am 12 years old and i have a 2 year old cocker spaniel called ash and a 13 year old border terrier called gus.I think thay i am very lucky to have my lovely dogs.Matt baker is my favourite presenter and i always make time to watch your programme in the morning.THank you for being so wonderful and i have got lots of advice for ash and gus so a big WOOF from them and a big THANK YOU from me !!!!!

My cat was a stray that, after being sent five miles away to live, crossed two main roads and a river to come back. Seeing the show and website prove how rewarding adopting a stray/rescued animal can be

Well done on an excellent show I hope this show carries on. This is getting the word across about rescue dogs and they make it lovely to live with them. Please could you do a special part on the rescue Greyhounds they really need help with homes.

i have a newfie called koda after brother bear because he looks like a bear everyday we take him for walks peopleask what breed is he his amazing where did you get him? and noow his got to the age we are looking for a bitch to borrow has to be newfie :>keep on showing love show hopefuly every animal will have a second go at life.

Ann McPhillips
I was a veterinary nurse for 15yrs (am now a full time radiograghy student!). Having watched the item on today's show about pet bereavement, thought I would share the following:In February I euthanased my beloved 3-legged cat "Louis". Over the years I had collected the beautiful huge white whiskers that he shed. After I lost him I took this bunch of whiskers up to my local jeweller and he has made a lovely, unique necklace with them for me!

hi, love the show i love animals have 5 myself one of them are not seen much around my home town. i have a newfe ,brown.

Ros Terry, Cornwall
Love Animal Rescue Live, but I am disappointed that you have not had an item on adopting rabbits, I have been adopting house rabbits for many years and they make wonderful loving pets when it would be difficult to have a dog or a cat. If there is another series planned please consider giving rabbits a mention.

Carol Barnett
I have been watching the show since it first started. I hope that when it has finished that the animals aren't forgotten again. I also wanted to tell you about our experience when we lost our dog a few years ago. He was an alsatian/collie cross called Bruno and was attacked by another when we took him out for a walk. Unfortunately due to his injuries he didn't survive. It was helpful for my husband and I to see him and say goodbye. Although it was difficult, it did help especially as Bruno was only 4 years old. We now have his ashes in a box at home which was one of the things mentioned on Thursday's programme. I hope this helps people who may be in the same position and if you are able to use this on air that would be good.

I love the programme I have had three rescue cats and two are still with me I have a four year old tortershell and a one year old tabby who looks identical to penny on the latest show.I also have a adopted/rescue pony called a Ardie please could I have any fund rasing ideas for the centure we want to help these horses and ponys but need to rase the money please put ideas on the comment site and I will read it if they get through thank you

Danielle Ann
I rescued a cat from Battersea old windsor last november & im so glad i did.Before i had Tabbitha i was withdrawn and in and out of hospital with anorexia although recovering has been horribly hard Tabbitha has always been there to comfort me when i was upset and she has accepted me despite my problems, i love her so much. i would recomend rescueing an animal to anyone. xxx

I love the show and i love the part in the show when you rehome cats and dogs to people i would love to come and see some kittens but i live far away love the show Bye chloe.

amy orr
After todays show I am going to Edinburgh Cat & Dog Home to try and find a dog to re-home.

my dog is called cassie and it go's after shadows and light of a tourch

charlotte adcock age 10
iv wached about 4 of the shows and iv already fallen in love with the cats. I try and remember when its on but my brain just doesent function some times. I wached wednesdays show and the cats for the ship were adourable.p.s im rescuing a cat in september. xxxxxx

kelly gonzalez
My Mum and I wacth the programme every day morning and I found the show so great

andrea from kent
Ilove the show and watch every morning with my son and our boxer dog harry. Never seen any boxer dogs that need re-homing on the show do you ever get any?.bye and to all the staff keep the good work up.

Love your show - tugs at the heart strings.How is Mattie doing?

hi I love your show and watch it every day. I especially like watching pet match as it is lovely to see animal resuce pets about to start their life with a new owner. It also gives lots of information.

I love the show I watch it every day i have a jack russel terrier puppy and the info that has been gave about how to look after your pet and all the info has come in useful

Sarah Jones.
I love your show! I've got up early every day this summer so that I don't miss a single moment of it! I think the work that goes on around the UK to help rescue cats and dogs in amazing. You all deserve a great big pat on the back! After watching your shows my family has decided that we are going to hopefully rehome one of the dogs at Battersea and will be in touch with you to let you know how it goes.Thanks! Keep doing what you do best!x

Eilidh Dewar
Hi, Eilidh here i just love i repete love your show! I am bonkers about dogs but my mum hates them but hopefully i will get one soon. Good luck to all animals who havent been rehomed yet. I hope they find a loving, caring home.Well done to all the staff for helping the animals to find a homeand i hope all the animals who havent been rehomed find a home soon. Keep up the good work!!!!!

I love your show, I watch it every day. I am now going to volunteer at my local rescue home. I part. love dogs and hope to get one when I move to the country in 2 years time. Keep up the good work (part. Matt)!

you are all doing a good job.i love animals .i am a animal lover .ceep on showing the show . CUDDLES WAS LOVELY

Abbi Gray
Hey! Im Abbi and im 13 yrs old x i love your show and i always watch it. I loved that little dog collin x i would re-home him but ive got two cats called Tom and Jerry they look like double and trouble haha! i havent got a bad word to say about your show and told all my friends to watch it see you tommorrow at 10:00 bye bye xxx

hope you have more yorkies in . you are doing a good gob ..i watch your show eveyday

i think its crule what some people do to animals if they didnt want the animal that doesnt give them the right to be so crule i was so happy to see that trouble and double got adopted

katie H
I think you lot are amazing.And the show is fab u lot deserve a big thumbs up and keep up the good work.

Alison Johnston
The automatic dog feeder could be very useful for owners of assistance dogs. A carer could fill the bowl, but the disabled person would be there and would know if it wasn't working properly.

I am really enjoying animal rescue live. My family are looking for a labradoddle,hopefully we'll find one soon. Keep up the good work! Wish I could take them all home!

hi selina scott after the underdog show i was going to adopt chump but i was to late ive been to battersea dog & cat home twice to look for a dog & cat hopefuly i can adopt in july good luck shani xxx

Julia Hackett
l love watching your show each morning with our 2 rescue dogs Disney and Chico, we got them from Southridge RSPCA Resuce Center just over a week ago and they have sttled in very well. The show is great and the work that the staff do at all the resuce centers around the country is fantastic. WELL DONE ON A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to see a "Help Colin" T Shirt Printed which i think people of our stature and the loving of pets would purchase for Ģ4.99 with all profits going to aid the keeping of and re-homing costs of animals going to battersea! Love to all x

Irecently had the pleasure of taking part in some filming,hopefully to be shown on A.R.Live Icare for a large no.of rescued greyhounds and our charity is very grateful to the B.B.C for all the T.V. and Radio coverage they have given G.A.L. Love the show the presenters are great,but the animals are better!.More of the same please,soon.

My husband and I enjoy watching the show every morning. We recued a jack russel 4 years ago and she gives us lots of love and fun. She has a great nature and is quite a character.

i think that the more thet people look at the pets the more they whant them so keep it up all

fran & Liz howell
matt baker is one of the best things to come from the bbc in a long time. Is he county Durhams new Rolf harris??

I have been saying for years we need a programme like this which helps so much to give these lovely animals the chance of a caring and long lasting home. We have had three dogs from Battersea our latest one being Megan a German Shepherd. She was just a year when we picked her up last November. We love her to bits and if we could we would have more.Battersea and all the staff are so dedicated - thank you so much for shining a light on them and the lovely animals in their care. Please keep the programme going.

Emma xoxox
Wow i am so amazed. The amount of people that are saving the dogs and cats at battersea ia fantastic. I have one dog called bubbles and 2 cats, my 3 pets sleep together. They are all company for each other and couldn't live without each other and i love them to pieces. I hope that all the animals will only be in your care for a short time because although you are doing a great job they do need freedom, love and companionship and they will all thrive from it. I will keep watching your show it's fantastic xxx

emma haighton
hi i love your show and i am glad that you are helping anmails that need a home. i wish i colud help by getting a rescue dog from you but i cant coz i have already got a greyhound. and i am not allowed to get another 1. but i am glad that other people are helping . i no that your show is stopping on friday but i hope iy does come on againg . from emma

Have now tried to get into the habit of not watching animal rescue if i can help as watching a couple trying to chose between 2 dogs is hard, i'd have to take both as i'd not b able to make a choice n leave one behind! i've always been a cat lover n when my last passed i didn't want another but few mth later went to a friends as she had kittens n i walked out with 2! they chose me n my brother by falling asleep in my arms n nibbling my brothers ears!now they rule the house lol, i say good luck to every animal n hope they all find fantastic homes to live their lives in!

Wonderful programme and website. We own a rescue lurcher who is the light of our lives. The plight of all these poor rescue dogs upsets me so much, so I am very glad to see your programme raising awareness of all rescue animals. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. And a big pat on the back & thank you for all the animal rescue shelters in the UK.

I think James the rehomer is great!

At 10 o'clock in the mornings i now find myself waking up purposly to watch Animal Rescue Live even on my summer holidays. It is so nice to see that animals are being rescued by someone with the right mind to come up with the idea of how to save rescue animals through the thing that this world relies on, the TV, thank you very much for making my morning even better and for such a lively and very entertaining programme.

I love your show. I have a cat and a guinea pig at home. And every morning i get my guinea pig out to watch the show with me!!! She gets so exited. And I can tell she is watching it because I can c the reflection in her eyes! The show is the best, and thankyou to matt and selina for making it so enjoyable, I am so jealous of u guys! Getting to work with all of thoose lovely cats and dogs. Keep up all of your good work.

i like your pogram (the animals are cute)

This is a truly wonderful programme and I am now a big fan of Selena Scott. I've liked her ever since the Underdog show which she won with the beautiful Chump. Loved the show when Chump came on and ran to her as he recognisd her. Thank you Battersea for caring and doing such a truly wonderful job, thank you Selena for loving the animals so much and thank you BBC for putting this programme on. I record it every day as I am at work and enjoy watching it in the evening. I already know that dogs and cats are special, but thanks to this programme maybe a lot more people will know it now.

Emily Naylor
I love animals, I have a dog called Pumpkin a rabbit called Tibz and a guinea-pig called Toffee.I love them all loads!I think your website is really interesting and saving the animals is very important I think u do a really good job! Yours faithfully Emilyxxxxxxxxxxx

Pat Elliott
I've watched every episode, and I think the BBC has done a wonderful job in highlighting the dogs and cats in need. Thank you for showing not only the rescue animal of the day, but also some of the others in the kennel and the cattery. I hope they all find the best of homes soon.Well done, BBC!

I really like the show and only started watching it a week ago. I would like to see more advice on cats,seeing as i have one myself,really enjoying the show!

It is good to have a programme that concentrates on doing good and does not highlight idiots misbehaving. Please make it a regular part of your schedule as it clearly does good for both animals and humans.Congrats to Selena and Matthew who are so clearly in tune with the animals.

Catherine Rennie
Animal Rescue Live is a fantastic programme. I enjoy watching it every day. I am getting a lot of information from it which will be useful when I go to college in September to study for an HND in Animal Care.

i love your show i love the way so many people care i hope you carry it on and it will be big

Lesley Jones
I was very interested in the piece about the deaf dog we have a staffie who is nearly four and has been deaf all his life. He is a most loving dog and responds to many hand signals. He is such good company. He loves the programme and keeps his beady eyes on the tv in case any come out! I would strongly recommend people to go for a deaf dog if they have plenty of time to spend with them.

Susan from Norwich
Re Colin, do not be put off by his deafness,We have a 2yr old Deaf British Bulldog have had her from 12weeks, answers to sign language.she is a pleasure,I am in a wheelchair and you could not ask for a better companion.

Laura Tolton
Absolutely great show and the team are doing a wonderful job of promting these animals and giving them another life, great work!!

Annabel Gregory
HiI am so pleased that there is a programme like this on now and the aim is to inform people and do some good for animals. I cannot watch it live as I am at work but tape it each day (am I sad, no answer required for that). I shed a few tears when I saw how pleased Chump was to see Selina again, he must really love her.What will I do when the programme ends? Worse still I suppose what will the animals do.Thank you allRegardsAnnabel

will-aged 10
I think the show is great, i would love to have all the dogs!! I especially love Fifi, the golden retriever/german shepherd-she was lovely

i think this is a great show .And i will be getting a dog soon and cant wait !!!!

Julie + Amber.
i would like to adopt one of the animals because i have lots i have goats rabbits cats and dogs i love the show.

Julie + Amber.
i think the show is really good and it is sad when some of the animals dont get picked but its good that they get a new home.

Laura G aged 11
I luv the show even though i only started watching last week. Its my fav show and i want to work at Battersea when I'm older.Luv to all the animals,lauraxx

Tara Harris
I would like to see one of your programs encouraging people to take their new pets to basic training classes. They are fun and help you bond with your dog and people would get more of an idea of how important a good recall is which seems to be the one thing that so many people don't have!

Tara Harris
We homed Paddy and he has been the perfect pet match. I don't know how Battersea can match you so well to a pet but they have and i can strongly recommend anyone who is thinking of getting a rescue animal to go to Battersea. The staff are so kind and helpful and we now have another perfect pet dog. Paddy has settled in so well and plays with Buster all day, he starts his puppy socialization and clicker training class on Tue 31st July.

Claire Kitchen
I love watching the programme with my 7 year old daughter Katie. We love all the animals and hope to give a good home to a dog in the future. Katie particularly loved Paddy who was rehomed on the show.Great show and hope more series follows.....

I love the programme first and foremost because it finds homes for a lot more animals than would happen without this coverage. It has a lot of interesting topics, particularly like the working dogs i.e. PAT Dogs, Dogs for the Blind etc. Should be repeated evenings when more people can watch.

I think the dogs home staff are amazing, especially Paddy!

Great show, but I was very sad to hear on Friday's show that Caine's owner had passed away.When I was a Battersea volunteer. around five years ago, I met Caine and his lovely owner, both were very kind to me and I had a lovely cuddle with Caine.I do hope he gets a good home soon and is not missing his owner too much.Please also pass on my condolences to his family, he seemed such a nice man and must be sorely missed.

I love the show a lot. It tells me not only about the dogs but gives us open mind on how animals are so adorable. I always wanted to have a dog of our own,unfortunately due to the house we live in is not suitable for them. I have own many dogs before and cats that their memories always left behind.just keep up the good work, and God bless your show

Hiya, I think that this show is quite groovy, I have a border collie X and we got him at christmas and has learnt so much, hope all other dogs are as lucky as ours!!!!

Love the show, I hope all the dogs and cats find homes. Pavarotti what a lovely dog. I'm a cat lover but I do like dogs. Keep up the brillant work.

lauren aged 11
I am one of the biggest animal lovers in the world! i want to be a vet my idol is louisa i want to be just like her. the show is one of my favorite programs. every animal i see on the show i want x

i think what you do for the animals,giving them new homes,is the kindest thin any one can do.i love animals.i hav got 7 dogs and 12cats.and3 of the dogs are rescued.thankyouxx

Katherine Bailey
I've only been watching the program for a couple of days but I think its great! The people of Battersea Dogs & Cats are doing a fantastic job! keep up all the wonderful work!

Well Done on a Great Show this is really getting the message across about rescue dogs! They make great pets and every day thank you so much that they have been given a chance to be happy again! Great Show !

love the show but wish it was shown around 6 o'clock asat work so miss them. I would like more info on cairn terriers as we have a puppy 14weeks old & having problems with nipping constantly she is also disobedient most of the time but we do love her she's so cute ..

Pauline Pope
Love the show. I am allergic to animal fur but have been able to have poodles etc as your vet suggested.Please assure sufferers that they will be fine.I have had two poodles in the past and I now have a Bedlington Terrier Poodle cross(from a rescue centre) and he is just gorgeous.

I think your show is just awsome,i watch it every morning. I love the tips you give. Your website is great and gives alot of the information peole might want or need to know.You also have somewhere for people to post questions and problems they need answering. I want to be a vtenry nurse when i leave school.

charlie andrews
i love the show i wach it evry morning with my dad i have to jack's at home they are called alfie the boy and lilly the girl i will keep on waching

this show is really really kl and its good that at the same time as being entertaining, it helps give rescue dogs and cats a good looking for a dog 2 and havnt found the right 1. but i want a puppy really, so sweet!

I watch ANimal Rescue Live every mornign and i love doing so!!!I adopted a Collie/Springer/Jackrussel from the USPCA in Newry about 3 years ago and when she was 5 months old and now she is 3 years and is very settled in!!! we called her Freckles because she has lots of Freckles all over her body when she gets clipped!!! i wish i could adopt another pet but I am just not allowed :(

LOVE the show.Watched it this morning - the recipes to cook for your dog.The liver and banana milkshake.haha(>.=)


i love the show because its live and its telling you what is really going on so many homeless animals. i have worked with animals for over 13 years with blue cross and now i work for tesco lol!!! i do miss not having a dog now i hope we have battersea back again on bbc 1 when this one ends i shall miss it keep up the good work battersea from tina

Ive watched all the shows and they have been great ,i cant wait for the next one . Im trying to find a dog that is just right for me but unfortunetly i havent found one yet . Im looking for a small dog who is quiet lively and active please help thanxx

Leilah Searle
Isn't Cuddles very cute. She is just like our cat 'Tia' who sat next to me whilst we were watching the show and meowed when cuddles was on. I think it's a great show and well worth watching now that I'm on School Holidays. Please give Cuddles a BIG Kiss and Cuddle from me.Leilah aged 7. xxxxx

aimee w aged 11
ive only started watching the show today!!!i think its great and hope all those lovely dog and cats will get a good home i liked cuddles shes so cute hope she gets a good home and loved all the other beautiful dogs. ill definetly continue watchin the show

i have enjoyed the show and hope all the appeal dogs and cats find a home soon. keep up the good work.

Wonderful to see a return of this great program. Even better that my favourite presenter Selena Scott is there as well. My first viewing today after setting up our new TV.What a great job you are doing. Happy animals usually reflect happy families and to think alot of these creatures started life in terrible conditions. MOST OF ALL IT REPRESENTS OPTIMISM FOR EVERYONE WHO WATCHES. INSTEAD OF THE MANY TV PROGRAMS WE GET THAT ARE ALL DOOM AND GLOOM. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS. Mollie.

Anisha Ferdoush
i love the show i wake up every morning to watch it, and i never miss it.The presenters Selina and Matt are brilliant, i hope the programe gives every day. :)

ashleigh age 13
I love animal rescue its a great programe and i watch it every day. The best part is the pet match because you get to see the animals getting a new family and a new home. Keep up the good work!!!

I love watching anamal rescue live especilly when you get to rehome dogs and cats.My favourite dogs are the German Shepherds and the yorkshire terrior.I get up every morning and the first thing i do is switch on the t.v to watch ANAMAL RESCUE LIVE!!!

MA Latham
i've been watching the show without fail from the start.I was very intrested in the HEARING DOGS FOR THE DEAF feature this week. I've been involved in events were a great deal of money has been raised for the charity. Last year we met Ian and Hettie! It was so nice to see them on TV and doing so well!!

jasmine jackson 10 manchester
Hi i love watchin da show u really care for the animals and it looks like the animals care for you!!i started watchin da show on wednesday 25th july and jus by watchin it for 2 days the show has definyly come out top dog.haha.

I love animal rescue live.I love when the pets get knew homes and I especially love the cats, flip and flop were soo cute!! Hope they love their knew home.

Jade Walters
I think that the show is great. I think that they look after the animals really well, making sure that the animals go to loving homes. It was very upseting that in one series the Fox-Evans family wasnt aloud to take Sam home which i thought was sad, but he has found a nice loving home so im very happy for him. And i hope that all the rest of the animals find homes aswell, because other wise i might have to bring them all home !!

hello i love the show so much! i think its great how your people do it all for the animals! your all heros!xx

i have watched the show since it started and i have always wanted to get all the animals and run my own rescue hom as i like most animals especially cats. i have just finished school and iam going to college to d BTEC in animal management. all my friends say that i will be good at it a they see how good i look after my own animals. the other day i went to the animal ark in sailbury (i think that where it is) and i fell in love with all the animals.this website is good and i hope to be one of the people that adopt al the animals one day.i will need to save all my money xXx thanks xXx

charlotte adcock age 10
Iv been watching for 3 days and i think you realy do take great care of all the animals . The dogs are the number 1 for me because they are so adorable and well cared fore.

Llinos Jones
i watch the programme every day with my dog and i have never seen him act so jealous! he gets clingy and overly affectionate when the programme is on!

Lou G
I haven't missed a programme yet. I think Selina and Matt are doing a wonderful job presenting it so well. It is a shame it isn't on in the evenings but you may have done this deliberately. I would like to see more of the dogs/cats that have been found homes with their new families.

Steph B
i think the show is great, making people aware of how to help there pets after watching one of the shows it made me aware that my little dog if getting chubby!!

We have a rescue dog from Blue Cross. She is beautiful and gives us so much pleasure. Congratulations on your choice of presenters - you couldn't have chosen better.We watch this programme everyday and are very impressed with it. What a wonderful place Battersea is, and the staff are so committed to the animals it is a joy to watch. Where would these lovely animals be without them.

Gillian white
I love watching your programme we don't have such well established Animal Rescue Services here. All our animals come from the (Asiel) Home for unwanted animals. Indy my cat she is now 15years, my daughters cat, Dodi he is 10years and my other daughter has 2dogs Phoebe 3years and Kane 2 years Kane was a tiny puppy 3months when my daughter got him, his previous owner didn't want him because he soiled her carpet, this lady had already previously, over time, brought 5 dogs to the dogs home because they just didn't suit her, they really weren't what she was looking for.

Chloe from moygashel
I love the show and I hope that all the dogs and cats get new homes. I have a miniture jack russel called Toby and he watches the show aswell!

Iīm from the Netherlands and i used to watch the Battersea dogshome programm back in the 90s. When i moved to the UK i decided to rescue a cat from Battersea. In 1998 i got my lovely 8 year old cat Charlie and now 9 years later she moved back with me to the Netherlands and is still a happy cat. I love the programm and i think itīs brilliant what you are doing. Too bad we donīt have a good cause like yours over here. Keep up the good work, Greetings from Arnhem, Netherlands.

We think that your show is great!!And we hope all the dogs eventually gets homes!!

I love this programme i love how all animals get rescued and then bought to a home i especially love the cats i them xx

your programme is great and now i would like to do my own rescue center when im older

i really enjoy the show and would like to encourage people to give a dog a loving home!:)i like all the animals on the show and i am also animal mad and have got a pony,dog and a guinea pig!

charlotte hill
I love all the animals there and hope they find good homes

Louise & Mary
We have three cats that we have saved from the RSPCA. Also nine fox cubs that had burnt pads from a forest fire which had killed their mother. Our black lab liked to play with them at night in the garden. We think the programme is great and hope lots of animals get a new home.

I love the show!!I watch it whenever i can i love seeing all the dogs and cats and really want one.x

Lisa D
The series is fab. I am at work when the show is on, but for the first time I'm recording a day time show ready to watch when I get home. I already have 2 lovely labradors, so sadly no more room to rescue another and I'm not sure the dog walker/home visitor who comes in when both me and my husband are at work would be able to to cope with another dog! But keep up the fantastic work!

lisa sumner
love the show ,have a week of work and will watch all this week with our staffie tyler who is asleep on his bed when the show is on .Hope all the animals find homes as if i had space for more animals i would be taking billie the staffie and all the other staffies and dogs as they make you smile when your down and all dogs are great friends to us humans. Keep up the great work folks.Love to all the animals on the show.

I really love animals and I love watching this TV show. I think this is a real good show and I hope all the animals get saved 'n' rescued!Love to all the people who save the animals! xoxoxoxoxox

Abby age 12
I love animal rescue and i watch it every day i wish itwould run for longer than three weeks my favourite part is pet match as it makes an animals life change for the better. I would really love a dog or a cat but both my parents work and i am at school all day so getting to watch them on the tv getting rehomed is the next best thing. So the only pet i have is a fish called Bubbles.

What a fabulous programme. I only hope more dogs and cats get well deserved homes. We have a rescue dog and she is an absolute gem. I just wish more people would adopt rescue animals rather than purchasing from breeders. Why breed so many dogs when so many are out there needing new homes?!!!

i really wish i could get a labrodor or a westie i might even come up to battersea cause a friend of mine got a dog from there and shes so cute and i really think i could look after it because i spent a weekeend with my friends dog and i took good care of her!

I think the work you do to help the animals is brillient. My mom said we might get a dog and if i have any questions i will ask you. keep up the good work

i love the show and it has made me think about getting a dog even more then i wanted to before but i dout that my parents will let me.i am going to ask to come to battersea to look at the dogs and i hope i might be aloud one.

Hadley George
I LOVE ANIMAL RESCUE LIVE!!!!! I felt really touched by all the animals there, and I do hope that they all soon find a loving home!!! I have tears in my eyes everytime a dog or cat doesn't get chosen in the Pet Match. But I'm sure that they will soon have a home!

i watch the show everyday and i would love to get a battersea dog but my mum m won't let us

i've only watch this programme once and i LOVE it!!!!

me and my mum watch the show and really enjoy it,we love seeing all the cats especially!

I love this programme, i wish i could of picked Pip, so so soooo cute, but Rosie was cute too!

I love watching anamal rescue.pluss the dog's are so cute.My favourite dog is the yorkshire terrior.I loved the episode when rosie was getting a new home,but pip didn't.But eventually got a new home on that day.Keep up the good work guys, YOU RULE!!!

katie H
I love watching ur show and i wish i could take every one of them home. there soo cute!

Animal Rescue Live is the BBC at its best. Interesting, informative and providing an excellent service in re-homing all these fantastic characters! Apart from the roller-coaster of emotiions that so many of us seems to experience in watching it.

kaitlyn moore
this show is fantastic!!!its not only great to watch but it makes you aware that there are plenty of dogs out there that need good homes and if you are prepaired for the responsability,you can give an unwanted pet a good home and better quality of life.

i love see-ing the animals being rescued and gave nice new homes.because it shows the people that care espiecily the elderly people because they dont have much energy nd they arent as fit to look after an animal but they do it anyway

Nikki + Jack
Love the show and love seeing the animals, i am a big softie though and very often cry at some of the stoires esp the one on this mornings show with the Police going in and rescuing all those dogs from the repossessed house, i love lurchers and Greyhounds and was sad to see yet another of these wonderful dogs treated so badly especially as i have a rescue Greyhound myself, but i am so pleased to hear mum and pups are doing well and hope that Dad is also well.please feature more Greyhounds and Lurchers if possible :) sad to see so many Staffies and crosses in homes now a days too :(.keep up the good work.

Natalie Oxford
i am loving the show. esp: as ive been considering looking at getting 2 kittens from battersea! will u b showing kittens soon??


hi I'm only 9 but i love animals I'm not just a fan I'm an animals best friend I have a small chihuahua he's my best friend and I love him . i would just like to say that I think the show is great and I'm amazed by all the hard work you put into the show and I love the fact that every one's dedicated to the show .from jemima


i love dogs,i really want a puppie,but dont mind a dog.i have got to wait untill i'm a bit older though.i love german shepards,jack rusells and lots of other dogs.i'll keep watching your show,because it is so good!

Hadley George
I absolutely love watching Animal Rescue Live. Dogs and cats are my FAVOURITE animals. I used to have a dog called Faldo, and he was a Guard Dod. He would have loved to see this programme!!

megan tunstall
i love dogs and i think it is so sad that some have been abused i am only 12 but i would love to become a voulentter for walking the dogs i have had 3 dogs before 1 was a beautiful german shepard called wendy but we had to give her away sbecause my little sister was born she lived next door until there was a fire next door so she was sent to a farm hopefull shes having a great life and is still livivg and not being abused.

>Shanskiiboo< & >Mariah<
We think that the show is a great show it tell you all about different animals...

i think animal rescue is good because if you didnt have ANY pet homes then the animals would have no where to go!!

i think your show is great an all the animals are so cute expecially the dogs

i think that the asnimal rescue live show is really good it find resuced dogs a home. when i watch the show i fell like going to a rescue centre and go and get a dog, because of hearing what has happened to them.

autumn tatler
all of the animals are very nice but i have aready got a pet dog called rocky he dose not like ohter animals. but i love all of your pets i have always whated a rabbit but i cant have one!!!!

think its great that all these deserving pets are getting a helping hand from the media to find a new home. would love to rehome magic and fluff

charlotte fisher
me and my 1 year old have watched you every day, i love what your doing and find that the shocking truths will hopefully make people realise that animals have feelings too. we are currently looking to buy a house and find a dog to move with us.we will definately rescue a dog.i love the show and completly respect all the people that care for the animals, i cry every morning watching the dogs getting rehomed.

I love the way gave homeless and stray dogs new homes and a new life!

Bethany Martin
We have a cat called Jasper and he has one eye.He was abondened outside a pet shop in a plastic bag.The owner of the shop found him meowing outside and he had an eye infection.It was so bad they had to take his eye out and the RSPCA called him Teddy because he had was a story in the newspaper about him and it said "If you would like to adopt Teddy call: )I cant remember the number but anyway. My Mum saw him (Im 10 by the way) and asked me if we should get him.And we did and now hes such a happy cat!

The programme is fantastic and hopefully will be successful in finding homes for all the beautiful animals featured as well as some not so lucky to be shown. It is sad to see none of last week's featured animals have yet been homed. Hopefully this is due to the vetting process taking some time. If I didn't already have four cats I would help.

I watch your show and I am impressed by the way you deal with all they stray animals as if they were your own. I got a springer spaniel 1 year ago because it couldn't be looked after any more by it's old owner but it is very happy now. I also want to be a vet when I'm older and watching your show helps me get an idea of what it will be like. Please print this comment!

I watch this programme every morning and I'd like to see it on more often and I adore cats and dogs!

i love the show!

Clive La Court
This is a wonderful programme. It's a joy to watch because it's about something which is precious - our relationship with animals. The presenters and guests are clearly enjoying themselves and are not afraid to show their feelings. The show has a social purpose as well as being entertaining. It's live, not staged, and the format is engaging. The setting is perfect. Ultimately it reminds us all about how much love we can receive from animals in exchange for ours. That is important in life.

steph and wendy
We love the wonderful work being done for all your animals, plus the helpful advice given daily. Your program portrays the love and dedication to all animals in your care.

Janet Ellis
Hi There, The Show is Brilliant and Its compulsive viewing. Matt and Selina definately are the right presenters for the show. I like the mix of stories, advice and of course the most important thing to bring awareness to Rescue animals. I have quite a few rescued animals myself all my pets.The only thing I would say is there a repeat of the show for those than cant watch it at that time in the morning. Anyway A Huge Well Done to Everyone concerned and I wish you all the Very Best in more successful rehomings.

I would not miss this programme.All these lovely animals crying out for a loving home.

skye mccallum and eden purcell
we love the show. we have learned so much about animals than we did, we will defenetley look out for the next animal rescue show.

skye mccallum
i love the show it get's you so much involved with animals. working with anilmals is my dream job

i think animal rescue live is great- to prove it, it gets me up early to watch it everyday! i think its a great way to make people aware of animals who havent come from happy backgrounds and need so much love so they can give it back. i dont know about anyone else but i adore gollum but unfourtunatly our dog wouldnt be the best playmate! I WISH HIM AND ALL THE OTHERS THE BEST OF LUCK IN FINDING NEW LOVING HOMES!!! thank you for such a fun, helpful and informative recue animal show!

Judy Grierson
Love the show, hope it leads to many animals being re-homed! Good to see Selina Scott back on TV, & of course, lovely to see Matt too!

Please put this programme on in the evening when loads of animal lovers are home from work and children back from school, 7.30 would be a good time instead of soaps. Thanks

abigail vere
my comment is about matty when i heard the story i nearly cried because it was a sad story but on friday it made a big diffrerence to what she was like on wenesday because she was much more perkier and moving about more on friday.

This is an unmissable hour of heart warming, sometimes heart wrenching, TV - the work of Battersea and other animal rescue centres deserves as much publicity as possible. More shows like these please!

Beckie Maclellan
This show is a really positive step for the hundreds of animals in the Uk who are in shelters and sanctuaries. Hopefully it will make people more aware of how many animals end up in shelters. This is why people shouldnt breed or buy puppies, because there are so many animals without homes and breeding makes the problem worse. Thanks to the show many of these beautiful animals will get loving homes.
Can you let us know and see pics of how Mattie is doing in future shows oh my god I was in tears when i saw her! Love the show its first time I watched it but will be watching from now on

I have four cats, 1 i got from a kitten the other 3 moved in as strays! Tammy,Smokey,Taylor and Harry are my fantastic cats!

Patsy King
I love watching this show i like see all the animals and it makes me feel sorry for them when u see what has happened to them

i really want a puppy!!!!

I love the show, I have a rescue dog of my own and know how much love they have to give. SO many people have fears about rescue dogs/cats and the show is great at showing what good tempraments these animals have. Great show!

i think its really good idea to do a show on animal rescue it will make people realise how many animals are out there with no homes.

Tara Ashton
I love watching the show everyday,the reason why I love it so much is because you see homeless animals go to new loving homes!!!

We have two dogs; a one year old female golden labrador and a four month old chocolate labrador male and everytime Animal Rescue Live comes on they sit in front of the TV and tilt their heads - it's so adorable. We're just so desperate to know what the dogs are barking about that interests our dogs so much!

Dear Animal Rescue Live, i love watching the programe i really want a dogbut my mum says no .What can i do about this? xxx storm

Zoe Cassells
I love the show, you are all doing a fantastic job, please keep up the good work with our canine and feline friends. As a dedicated dog owner with two dogs under the age of one i am glued to the tv in the morning with my puppies Kendra and Kiara. Wishing you all the best

i love the way that the staff always make sure that the animal is getting a proper home and is going to be well looked after, i hate cruelty to animals

love the show. especially the one with mark who picked the cat to take home!! very good looking!! (that includes the cat of course!!)I have cats of my own and I really like the programme when the cats are shown

i love watching this programme every morning and seeing the cute animals faces

i love the show i think it is great i want to be a vet when i am older or somehting to do with animals i am not alowed ro get a dog because i have three cats i have one cat from the rescue center and 1 cat we have had from a kitten and one we took in as a stray as i said before i love the show

I really love the Animal Rescue live show cuz it encourages more people to relise that Animals are a big part of our lives and how they can our lives.

becky staffordshire
I think its amazing what you do and how you try your hardest to find these animals new caring homes. The best parts are when you show the animals in their new homes and with their new owners.It brings a smile and very happy feelings.

The show is excellent. I am really engoying it. It should be on in the early evenin (5pm) because all of this week I have had to tape it due to being at school. Next week it is the holidays so I can watch it whilst I am off school. I think it is a very interesting show and proves to people that Home Checks aren't really that daunting and gives an insite into the lives of a Battersea worker and all the animals.

Ive been watching the Animal Rescue Live on Tv. I think all the people that are helping the aniamls are really kind! It's nice to know all the animals are being pared with perfect owners that will love them and care for them!

I think your doing a brilliant job trying to rehome all of these animals.I love to take another dog, but go our hands full with our other dog.Good look to all of them

Gerrie from The Netherlands
What i love about Animal Rescue?everything.The afford people make to find homes for the animals. The love and tender care they are giving them. To look into dogs and cats eyes. the hunger for a new foreverfamily. As we called it overhere for adopted kids. I adopted 4 weeks ago a dog from Rescue/Dog Europe from Spain. Such a darling. Such a great amazing additon to our family.Such a sweet dog who only had 10 days left to find a home. She is our third dog and the only one who is adopted. We foster two other dogs till they find a home to. It,s the best a human can do to save a animal )and the enviroment)Great show tomorrow i,m watching again.regard Gerrie Harps

What a great show! we ve enjoyed every day so far. It's nice to see Selina again and Matt Baker is absolutely terrific. It's great to see someone who is obviously into what he's talking about and a great presenter to! We record it and watch it together as a family - even Harry and Hermione our rescue dogs love watching it. It's hard not to ring in and extend our animal family!

Joanne Rhodes
It's a lovely show that will hopfully find lots of animals new loving homes. I would like to know how Mattey the poor dog that was shown on Wednesday 18th. I cried when I saw what sort of a state the poor dog was in and I really hope a full recovery will be made and a lovely new home will be found.

I broke up from school last Saturday, and started to watch Animal Rescue Live on Tuesday morning, whilst I am staying at my Grandma's! (I am staying there all this week!) Now, we both watch it every morning together and I think that the programme is great!

Eilish Mccolgan
I really liked your show. I would absolutley love a dog but the problem is that no-one is home for about three hours and we think it's cruel to the animal but i am desprate for a dog.Eilish Mccolgan

Ruth Brazewell
Love the show, the presenters are brilliant and the information is superb. Our dog Jack loves to watch the show and see the other dogs and cats. keep up the good work. Thanks

Gill Rudge
I believe you are making people aware of how many beautiful animals require a loving home. It is heartbreaking to see how many are ill treated.

Bryony Duckham
I love when you choose the pet of the day and try to rehome it over the telly. Im sure that all the animals that you show get loads of calls as they are so sweet and I would rehome them all if I could!

Shona mcnicholas.
My dog loves playing football with me.Her name is called ELsa.

shona mcnicholas
I think animal rescue is the best program ever.I love all the cats and dogs.

thank you for the show and let's hope that Matty will be soon ok, horrible people who did that to her they should go to jail

debbie davison
hi, i love the programme. Its great that there are people like you's guys that can help these poor animals. Especially the poor dog with mainge on 18th july. its no excuse to let a dog get to that condition

Claire Brookes
I have been watching Animal Rescue Live scince Monday, It's fantastic and had me in tears every day with the storys and the animals, and well done to the animals who put on there best behaviour for the show too!!! WELL DONEAnd also its nice to have presenters who actually care about the animals who they work with!!

I think the show is fantastic! The rescue centres throughout the country do an amazing job! Seeing the dog on the show today that had mange was so sad, but now it will have a second chance due to the fantastic work of the people at Battersea! I love the show and look forward to following the stories of some of the animals shown so far! Especially to see how the poor dog from todays show gets on with his treatment!Sarah

katie glen
I love animal rescue.I watch it everymorning.My favourite part of the show is the pet match.

rachel hobson
i already have a cat, a dog, a tarantula, a scorpion and 2 royal pythons but i would be willing to take in more unwanted reptiles if they come with set up. No idea where the local reptile rescues are in Leicestershire. Would rather rehome than buy from a petshop.

I think this show is a great way to get animals rehomed.

What a refreshing and worthy programme - just wanted to say a big well done to all involved in putting this programme on BBC1. Personally I think its the best programme on there at the moment! Subjects are well covered and being live its more entertaining! Well done!

jaydiee xx
i think what you do is amazing, i had to write in and tell you, you see a lot of people forget about animals but never there selves, but the people like you we need more of !!! if i could i would adopt an animal but i already have a dog and a rabbit and my dog isnt very sociable..... but the way you give these animals another chance of life and love touches my heart, love jaydiee xxx

Mrs Betty Ware
Absolutely fabulous programme - so wonderful to see the dogs etc getting new loving homes and also the wonderful care and attention the rescue centres give them as some of the dogs etc have obviously been so traumatised. I would like to see a complete programme on Greyhounds - highlighting the cruelty etc they receive from some of the racing fraternity once they have outlived their racing life and earning them money - the cruelty inflicted on some of them is unbelievable - please show this side of the coin BBC and let's start a campaign to pass new Laws to protect these lovely gentle dogs - they don't deserve the treatment that they sometimes receive from their cruel racing owners. Please act now.

animal rescue is a great way of recscueig dogs.I watch the program al the time and i think that every dog deserves a good home and they also desurve to be happy.

Rachel Barnard
Brilliant show - so good when the problem of rehoming rescue animals is highlighted.

i think the show is good as it raises the awareness of dogs that need re-homed.

Dee & Jai
HiI think the show is great to high light the plight of dogs need rehoming. I use to help out at my local rehoming centre. I have an 18 month Long Haired GSD. He is very naughter at the moment. Dee

Michelle Blundell
Why do I keep putting myself though this? I just want to offer my home all of the dogs! I've been watching the show since it started on Monday and I can't believe that there are so many beautiful animals that are so desperate for a home. Me and my Jack Russell, Maggie, are often quite tearful watching the stories.Keep up the fantastic work, it's a wonderful show and I look forward to seeing some more good news stories as the show goes on.

rachel wood, 16
i think this show is great! it shows that dogs and cats and other animals are like humans and need love and caring for.i am a animal lover and i am glad it also highlights the problems with britsh people abandoning their pets and how we can help by giving them a loving home. i look forward to watching this show everyday and hope their are more programs to highlight the importance of giving a rescued animal a home.

i totally love the show .All the animals are so cute.Hopefully my mum will let me adopt a pet.

steven brindle salford
really enjoying animal rescue live its a great programme keep up the good work

i love the way this programme is prosented because it tells you the bad times there were in the pets life and the ways they have acheved life and when it comes to being sold. i also am really happy that you have given pets another time to relive there life to the full no matter how old. i also rescued a dog he was tied up and chained up at a young age. we brought him from battersea dogs home but sadly he was not well and is not with us anymore and that was 4 to 3 yrs ago now he was 13 when he died. thank you for such a great programme xXx

I think Animal Rescue Live is great because it is a really nice place for animals to be rescued into. I would take one of the dogs or cats home if i was old enough. I am 13 and live with parents and our house is to small ha ha. I really can not believe that anyone could ever abandon or be cruel to animals they dont do anything to us except for give us love.

The little ginger kittens on today's program were so beautiful. Please can you do a follow-up on little Boris' progress with his new mum Carole?

i have loved the shows so far and wish it would carry on for more than 3 weeks. please show more of the animals that are up for adoption. cant wait for the next show xx

Hi, I think animal rescue live is a great way of telling people about these poor animals that have been abandoned by their owners. Sarah xx

what i like most about animal live is that the show is aimed at all audiences not just young children.i love animal programmes and the presenters are just right for the show! x

Lorna Tilley
Love the show... The animals are so cute especially the little yorkie on the show on Monday!

how nice of place the rescue centre is and how happy all the animals look and the the fact you do 2 home checks i think its really good that you take good care of the animals love emma

I love the show! I could take all the animals home, they're so sweet! I adopted my Border Collie from a dogs home and it was one off the best decisions I ever made, I love her loads! Great work to all the people who help animals in need!

Wow what a great show!

i really enjoy the show as i think its really helping the animals as people will realise how many animals there that need their help. well done animals rescue ! xxxx

Your show is amazing. i am a mad fan of animals and think that the promotion of the animal rescue show will open the eyes of many people and make their hearts long to save a dog or cat in need at battersea. Kepp it up your doing a great job.

What I love about animal rescue live is that they tell you whats going on in these dogs lives and how they have ended up in the battersey dogs home.

Dogs are wonderful animals all differeent shapes and sizes some fat some skinny. I'm a big dog lover I have not got a dog but would very much like one. (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver!Thats the dog I would very much like.

Lucy Ingram
I was watching Animal Rescue Live with my friend Emma, and when you showed the website I saw my cat! I shouted BAGPUSS! And my friend looked so shocked!!

brittany wallace
i love seeing the puppys and kittens they cheerd my up because i have been ill

tracy valentine
in the past 4 years i have rescued 2 chinchillas,2 rabbits and a budgie i am pleased that i could give these animals another chance,they have feelings as much as us

Really enjoyed the show. It was interesting that Battersea do a pet match. Am thinking of getting a dog, and if I do will definitely get a rescue one. Lk forward to more info on rescue pets on the website.

i think that this tv show will help rehome so many dogs and if i coud rehome them all i would!!!!!!

I watched the show today and was very impressed.It highlighted the plight of animals in need of rehoming. It was good to see the process of selection of the dog which was rehomed. Lovely story also of the dog who had been missing for two years was reunited with the family. It should be on TV at tea time as well for the times when we have to work, yes i have a video but never get round to catching up on tv.I have a cat who I adopted from the RSPCA in 2005, it was the best days work ever.

Nicola Bond
I was so happy to have switched on to see the programme this morning, and now a really go chance for people to gauge the scale of unwanted pet and those requiring loving homes.I didn't get to watch the whole of the show but will be glued to the next.Well done all, it great and what a chance for all those beautiful dogs and cats, through no fault of their own have been discarded like unwanted toys.Thank you BBC

Hi i know battersea do a great job . They still have the poster of my staffy who is still missing after a house burglary on 15th september last year. They let me on several occasions check through the dogs home to see if she is there .

Alison Wade
Loved the show and looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

Loved the program, felt so sorry for the dog not chosen in the Pet Match part. Hope he gets a home by the ends of the series!

Julie in Shepperton
I wonder if you could give us an update on a German Shepherd called Diesel from the last series of Pet Rescue. He was so badly traumatised after being found covered in oil and I often wonder whether his new owners were able to help him become a happier dog.

i love animal rescue live because i love to see all the animals being rehomed into a new family where they are loved and seeing them settled into a new home how happy it makes both the animal and the owner its amazing and its good to see that animals get another chance in life with a new family if their first dosent work out its so good so they will be able to hopefully forget about their bad experiences and start agen with a new family and a truley beter life :)

I loved today's first show, particularly John Barrowman and his dogs. It makes you think and really want to give a pet a home. I hope the programme is a success.

the animals on your TV program and website are so cute!!! It really shows me how much animals mean too the people that work there.

Pat Elliott
Just watched the first show. We adopted our dog from Battersea, so I did enjoy watching the show, but wished you had filmed more of the dogs in the kennels who needed new homes.Thought following the couple who did adopt was a great idea.Well done to the BBC for highlighting the animals in need.

I really enjoyed todays show and it was very educational. Unfortunatly i already have two adopted dogs (which are brothers) and so unable to adopted anymore.

I love watching shows about rehoming dogs as it promotes the idea that just because the dog is a rescue animal it doesn't mean they have behavural you learn a lot about how to care for them.

Tori Lacey
Well done for bringing Battersea Dogs and Cats home back into the public eye. The staff work so hard and are so dedicated - I have two Battersea Babies at the moment, and thank them all for two such great dogs who have been an amazing addition to our family. More please!!!

i think this is a lovely website and was really moving. it gives people tons of information about adopting a new pet.

Catherine Ormrod
I have just watched the first programme and really enjoyed it. Had me in tears when Dax wasn't picked, but so very happy for Penny! Kepp up the good work.

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