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7 February 2011
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Your comments on the Amazing Mrs Pritchard

Jason Bain: I want to say what a great drama this was. Please bring it back on to our screens!!! It shows us that Politics really can be integral to everyones life.

Is there going to be another series????

J Male: Can we look forward to a new series and an answer to the cliff hanger?

Site editor: No decision has been made yet on a second series. We'll post any news here when we have it.


Cathy Pace: Of course you'd have to agree with the policy decisions of the fictional mrs. pritchard - they are like motherhood statements. But, what's more important is: what was her final decision re Ian and/or resignation? That has started a bigger debate in this houshold than anything else!

Vicky Yoxall: I have never felt compelled to contact anyone regarding a tv series before, but I have to say that my whole family activley looked foward to watching Mrs Pritchard all week. PLEASE could we have some more? Soon!

Jonathan Harbourne: thanks for a breath of fresh air in political thinking. I was so pleased when this series came on – I can't believe it was only six parts (if Torchwood can get 13...!) I was looking for the future programmes thinking it had been pulled off air because it was getting people to think too much. It certainly rang a chord with me about how I feel politics should be run and how politicians should uphold honesty and integrity above all else. It got me writing to my MP (who's great: Kate Hoey) and has got me politically motivated.
Many thanks for such a superb idea.

peter pitt: What a productive lot of questions. typical BBC entertaining and educating

Brent Boxley: An amazing tv programme! Well done BBC on this fantastic achievement! Can we have a 2nd series!

SamanthaSue: As a former staff member and lobbyist to the United States's House of Representatives I was enthralled by the series. The ending left me very unsettled, of course. Very thought-provoking. Kudos!

Peter H: Oh bother, did it finish last week? I was dying to find out what she decided to do. What a brilliant piece of work. On eof the best dramas for some years and desrves another series.

Louisa Stevens: What a fantastic drama - I was hooked from the first minute! More of the same please. Well Done.

Lynn Kingswell: Just to say how much I have enjoyed the brief run of episodes recently starring an amazing Jane Horrocks - its the only programme which kept me awake when settling down in front of the TV.

Please pass my congratulations on to Jane,and her other female colleagues and I hope there will be much more to come!

Belinda Beaton: I find the way you have tried to change this into some sort of nebulous campaign ridiculous. The show worked because good actors and a good script gave it a wonderful edge and the BBC should have more shows like it. But do we really want Parliament moved out of Westminster? It was an idea that went nowhere on the series. The whole show was open-ended, and a tad simplistic. Though the human issues were very well done, and the final solution to the questionable ethics of a spouse very well conveyed. But please don't try to make the Purple Alliance something people should rally round.

Give us more political dramas like this.
Not since The Politician's Wife and House of Cards have so many of my friends adored a political drama. And few of us expected to like it as much as we did.

E. Sanger: You must return this series which humourously portrayed national politics so accurately. Wait until Mr. Blair is replaced and by then there should be plenty of new material to entertain and enlighten us.

celia saunders: A very clever series, broaching many ideas in government. Is the PM really as busy as depicted? So much was mentied in just 6 installments - i'd like more. I admire the stalwart honesty of Ms M. Although prayer was mentioned - I'd like to see more openly but not pushy Christian roles depicted.A complicated 'plot' which seemed very plausible. Well done.

Richard Holling: This series was brilliantly written, beautifully shot, extremely well directed and had a superb cast. All these things combined made a compelling believable drama. The tragedy was that, doubtless for financial reasons, the series was so lamentably short. To have such a property as this and make a mere six episodes is laughable and typical of the results of the bean counters taking control at the BBC. If there is not a second series already in production then someone deserves to be hauled over the coals. This is the type of programming at which the BBC excels. Please make more drama such as this and leave the populist trashy reality TV nonsense to the commercial channels.

Stephen Bruce: I think this is the best programme i've seen in years and i am very greatful to the bbc that jane horrlicks is amazing in it a exellent programme

Keith Hicks: This is what the programme trail offered. "The truth is laid bare in tonight's final episode as Ros rumbles Ian, Miranda and Kitty. Will the former supermarket manageress keep her promise not to lie to the people, or will she cover up her husband's secret and keep her job?"

What it failed to do was to asnwer any of these questions. Was this reasly the last programme? If so, then leaving so many issues unanswered is disgraceful. If not then why not tell the viewer that another series will follow. The loyal followers of this programme have been treated in a very cavalier way.

Nick Rich: Brilliant series - writing, acting, directing, everything was fantastic. Congratulations to all involved. As for the ending - it was inspired. Repeat please!

GK: I am a 14 years old and I had a slight interest in politics which then grew as I watched this amazingly made drama. I think someone like Mrs Pritchard is desperately needed in this country! The programme had a fantastic ending and I hope a new series is on the horizon!! I have one last thing to say:
Thank You and Well Done to the BBC for this excellent and exciting drama.

sean rutter: I have really enjoyed the series, as i myself have aspirations of entering number 10. Watching it has really made me believe that an ordinary person can make it! I hope to god that Mrs Pritchard does not resign!!! I agree with the chancellor!! But i hope this is not the end of the road for the program, i am desperate to know more. Will she resign? will parliament move to Bradford? will green wednesdays work?? please carry on so i can find out!!

Ed: This Programme is amazing well done the BBC once again!!!

Vincent van der Marck: Amazing drama, casting and acting about the integrity of politics. Hitting very close to home, (since if I'm living in The Netherlands with an election coming up Nov. 22nd). No comments here on the politic decisions Ros makes, they're a touch populist and we're too used to that over here. But great to see this revolution by an intergre supermarket manager / politician. A bit Sci-Fi but great to look at and ponder about. Also great to see these strong women in political office. Thnx BBC for putting on such well written and produced drama.


Sam Grierson: This was wonderful! I hardly every watch anything on TV this was brilliant - more please! Amazing performances from Jane Horrocks and especially Janet McTeer. Well done.

Jasmin: What a pity that the series finished. I was deeply touched, watching the world of politics as I once imagined it to be: with at least some politicians being as honest and strong and noble as Mrs Pritchard. This series made me cry for my long-forgotten ideals.

sam: I loved the amazing mrs pritchard - it was amazing! i thought that it was an excellant way to let viewers see what its like to be, in the shoes of the prime minister. one question - Will there be another series? it ended on an almighty cliffhanger and im hungry for more political action with Ros!

Catharine Kingcome: I just want to let you know how impressed I was, and how much I enjoyed "The Amazing Mrs Pritchard" which ended on such a cliff-hanger last night.

I am one of the people who would have voted for Ros Pritchard if she existed: One of the millions who are alienated, if not disgusted, by our politicians' frequently childish behavior towards each other whenever they are looking for our votes. I am also surprised that they are allowed to get away with wasting so much air-time on radio & TV deviating, wind-bagging and generally refusing to answer direct and simple questions. When one of them says of a subject on which they are being evasive, that they have "made it very clear.." they clearly need to be whacked round the ear with a wet fish! continue:

Though frequently I feel there is no-one I wish to vote for, I do vote, as I believe it is a civic duty. And because I am a woman, I don't want to let down those brave women who got us the vote in the first place. But I am not surprised that so many younger people feel completely turned off politics, and either see no point, or can't be bothered, to vote.

Enter Ros Pritchard and the Purple Party! Although it is unlikely in the extreme that such a scenario could ever come to pass in real life, it was an inspired and wonderful story, obviously thought through very carefully and intelligently written, beautifully produced and brilliantly acted by all the cast.

Tell me it will be continued, please!!

Tina Louise: I hope there is more? The end was vague but not in a bad way - it encouraged debate about honesty in politics - a rare subject!!

The series has been exceptional and the casting for Mrs Pritchard and her team, very apt.

Thank you for the view of a vague is still just a glimmer in a fictional world, but politicians who are a more acurate reflection of the people they represent, is worth wishing for. Now we just need somebody worth voting for.

Thomas: The whole show was great. but you have left us in the air

Claire Davies: What an amazing piece of drama! I am so sad that it finished last night. It's so refreshing to watch a programme that has no gratuitous sex or violence, that is gripping from start to finish and shows women in their own right! Well done BBC - hurry up with the next series.

Jane Stevenson: Great Programme, until the last episode!!! What happened did she resign or did she stay in the chair??? What a great cast and brilliant story line.

Ella: I think you need to get a second eries out soon, I need to know what happens, the last episode really confused me!

Sarah Cloke: Really enjoyed the series but what a terrible way to end it!! I suppose it is just a ploy to keep people hanging on, should there be a second series? In that case I guess she stays in office??

Jen C: First of all, I’d really like to praise Sally Wainwright and the Kudos Production team for taking this fantastic idea of making political issues seem less remote, and running with it, never running out of steam. You have created a compelling programme which accurately captures the spin-weary, ego-tired, poor policy drained sentiment of potential voters who are utterly disillusioned with the state of politics in this country. As our system is heavily weighted against the emergence of mainly non-professional parties such as that portrayed by the Purple Alliance, this has contributed to the current situation of having two principle parties whom a significant proportion of the electorate view as being ‘as bad as each other’ – in terms of manifesto ‘promises’, personalities (or lack of them), scandals – and as Wainwright has clearly identified, a general feeling of detachment from the whole process of government.

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard herself is a wonderful character (portrayed so believably by Jane Horrocks), not the usual ex-President of one of the Oxbridge Unions, someone real, who the people can genuinely identify with and trust, who really wants to make a difference and take some responsibility for the country, not for their own self-serving interests or the prestige. Unfortunately, from where I’m sitting there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the mainstream political stage at the moment who can hold a candle to that model Premiere.

However, as the Chancellor said ‘its not always easy being squeaky clean’ and I am not that naïve to believe that there is such a candidate out there who is, but the very least we should expect from a person in our highest elected office is honesty, integrity, compassion, dignity and common sense. One of the aspects of Premiership brought across in every episode has been the crushing weight any PM has to bear on their shoulders at any one time – the buck really does stop with them, so maybe we should cut them some slack on occasion, when it really isn’t their fault entirely.

Although the programme appealed to people of all ages – both myself and my grandparents being captivated, wondering what would happen next – I am sad to say that last night’s final episode left me feeling deflated. I don’t think it should have been left so unresolved. The shows viewers in a way placed their trust in Ros and the Party and should not have been left without a concrete answer at the end – feeling a bit cheated, there has to be another series, or special at least, theres tones of ways this one could go!

And although like Catherine, I’m the eternal pessimist where clichéd happy endings are concerned, I cannot believe she did that to Ben. The termination I can begin to understand, but to refuse to show him any kind of affection in public when it was the one thing he wanted her to do – her dismissal of him was beyond me, surely she couldn’t keep a marriage quiet anyway, but that now appears to have been an empty gesture. I really think through that relationship we were seeing the real Catherine, not the immoral, cold hearted backstabber portrayed in the ‘Pritchard Perplex’ – I expected more of her, assuring Ros that she would be able to cope should she resign – that was also beneath her.

However, on the whole, absolutely loved it, performances from every member of the cast were ones to be proud of, congratulations. PLEASE BBC, GIVE THE PRITCHARD GOVERNMENT ANOTHER SERIES TO SET THINGS RIGHT!!!

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